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Hugely beneficial are accredited and vocational distance education degrees at different hierarchic levels to students, professionals, businessmen, housewives, unemployed persons, and other people of the society. These distance learning degrees are especially suitable and utmost profitable to all working professionals and businessmen, and students who are engaged in some kind of commercial or financial activities.

Generally, these distance education degrees serve people as additional specific degrees, degrees for varied career options, for enrichment of professional career, and as degrees for broadening the horizon of professional activities. Moreover, these distance education degrees are available quite economically and conveniently as specific time-scheduling of candidates. Thus, on the whole, recognized and perfect distance education degrees are certainly great means of acquiring illustrious academic or professional education and qualifications for optimal and desired progress and growth in academics, profession, business, or service sectors.

Hence, the distance education degrees are fast becoming globally prominent and hugely popular in most of the developed and rapidly developing countries situated in all across the whole world. The number of institutions offering these distance learning degrees at various levels has also been growing constantly since decades. The magnitude of such institutions is huge in countries like USA, UK, Australia, Canada, Germany, India, France, Singapore, Sweden, Switzerland, Spain, Italy, Denmark, Netherlands, and several other European and Asian countries. These institutions offer distance education degrees to people residing in countries located in all across the entire world. An enormous range of subjects and fields are proficiently covered by these online education institutions. The section below offers exclusive information about the precious distance learning degrees in india.

Distance Learning Degrees in India

Almost all commonly opted, appreciated, and popular subjects and fields in countries worldwide, are sweepingly covered by accredited distance education degrees in india. Over 175 duly recognized and galloping distance education institutes and universities are present in all across India, to provide highly creative and prolific distance education degrees to Indian and foreign students and professionals at all academic, managerial, and professional levels.

Among these highly successful and prospering distance education institutes in India, some 30 ate most widely and hugely reputed nationwide and internationally, for their exquisite, creditable, and immensely profitable distance education degrees in a rather wide range of prolific subjects. Most of these prestigious and leading distance education institutions of India are now well-equipped with latest distance learning technologies, both synchronous and asynchronous, in order to provide the best possible, greatly interactive, and thorough distance education. Though the subjects or fields covered by these renowned India institutions offering distance education degrees are enormous in number, the following are immensely popular and commonly preferred by the majority of students and professionals:

All Science subjects; all Arts and Humanities subjects; most of the Engineering and Technology disciplines; Accounts and Commerce; Law and Legal; Business Management; Education and Teaching; Telecommunication; Journalism and Mass Communication; Information Technology; Computer Hardware and Software; Social Sciences; some streams of Medical science; Entrepreneurship; Sales and Marketing; Clerical, Secretarial, and Administration; e-Business and Commerce; Catering and Hospitality; Healthcare and Medicine; Insurance; Nursing; Medical Assisting; Hospital Administration; Pharmaceuticals; Biotechnology; Industrial and Public Relations; Advertising; International Business; Entertainment Media; Sports; Fashion; Internet and Multimedia; Animation; Tourism and Hospitality; Languages and Literature; Banking and Finance; Vocational and Professional Training; Fine Art and Design; Horticulture; Floriculture; Genetics; and various other scientific, artistic, technical, and non-technical subjects and fields.