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The online distance education is now playing a very impressive and creative role, in present world of highly developed science, technology, internet, and information technology. Exquisite and propelling online distance education courses are now conveniently and economically available in almost all educational and professional disciplines.

Besides the working and engaged students and professionals, these online distance learning courses are also highly and greatly profitable to students and other people seeking career options or enrichment and diversification of their respective career. Thus, in present times, accredited and reliable online distance learning education has emerged out as highly significant, popular, and productive means of education, at par with the traditional campus-based education at schools and colleges. Hence, this online distance learning is hugely prominent, recognized, and appreciated in most of the countries located in all across the whole world. In ours this precious and immensely informative article, we are offering detailed and highly beneficial information regarding the online distance education india, and highly prolific and lucrative online distance learning courses india, in the below paragraphs.

Bright and supportive online distance education is popular vastly also in India. Over 400 distance learning courses are offered by Indian institutions in a rather wide-range of fields, pertaining to almost all disciplines in the profession, commerce, industry, service, and other economic sectors. The Distance Education Council (DEC) of India maintains the curriculums of these courses at par with the global standards. Today, there are about 250 registered institutions in India for providing distance education courses in these fields. Out of these about 175 are highly successful and nationwide popular.

Online Distance Learning Programs In India

Recognized online distance education courses in India are provided by open and distance learning institutes (ODLIs), a great many open universities, and a large number of private online institutions with nationwide and international acclamation. These highly productive online distance learning courses fall under the broad categories of - online certificate courses; online diploma courses; online post-graduate diploma courses; online associate degree courses; online graduation courses; online postgraduate courses; and online doctoral courses. Out of 175 full-fledged online institutions about 30 are hugely popular and greatly reputed in every part of India and several countries abroad. For information regarding these top 30 institutions of India offering world-class online distance education courses at diverse academic and professional levels, is given in ours other articles in the same website.

These online distance learning courses are available in an extensive and all-encompassing range of subjects and fields, in order to cover undergraduates to post-graduates in every major and significant field of education, profession, and business. For online distance education, the following are the vastly popular and commonly preferred subjects or fields by Indian and foreign students and professionals:

Sciences; Arts and Humanities; Engineering and Technology disciplines; Business Management; Law; Information Technology; Computer Hardware and Software; Computer Applications; Journalism and Mass Communication; Fashion Technology; Advertising; Entrepreneurship; Biotechnology; Accounts and Commerce; Banking and Finance; Catering and Hospitality; Tours and Tourism; Animation; Internet and Multimedia; Social Sciences; Industrial Manufacturing; Education and Teaching; e-Business and Commerce; Languages and Literature; Hospital Administration; Healthcare and Medicine; Nursing; Pharmacy; Telecommunication; Fine Art and Design; Media; Industrial and Public Relations; and various other scientific, technical, and non-technical fields and subjects.