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Army Entrance Exams

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In this elaborately prepared article, we are offering information about the entrance exams pertaining to all types of army in the defense department of India. These are the Military Forces, Naval Forces, and Air Forces. These three major wings of defense forces are responsible for total security and complete safety of India from foreign invaders, and also sometimes from internal problems and natural calamities.

Specifically, the Military forces are primarily responsible for ground operations for the protection of land borders of the country, for controlling occasional internal conflicts and disturbances, and providing relief to the people in case of various natural calamities, if need be. The Navy wing of the defense force provides all-round protection of country's seashores and tackles enemies coming through waters. And, the Air Force is supremely responsible for all types of air operations. Hence, defense services offer extensive and lavish opportunities for employment and service for the nation, under diverse jobs and levels. And, of paramount importance, is the magnificent fact that becoming a part of any of the three wings of the defense, is a matter of great patriotism and punctilious service to one's beloved nation.

Proper and bulk selection of most suitable and perfect candidates for all these three wings of defense, is made through highly competitive and rigorous army entrance exams conducted by the UPSC. There are some other methods of selection, which are described in the last part of this section. These most important army entrance exams tests are the Combined Defense Services (CDS) and the National Defense Academy (NDA). These two most significant defense entrance exams are conducted by UPSC twice every year on all India level. Eligibility for competing in NDA entrance exam is 10+2; while this for CDS entrance exam is graduation in any stream from any recognized college or university.

All successful candidates in NDA entrance exam are then sent to the National Defense Academy (Khadakvasla, Maharashtra) for pursuing higher level NDA courses. Thereafter, they will be sent to the most suitable training institute (mentioned below) for their specific training. Again, the successful candidates in CDS entrance exam, will be forwarded to either the Indian Military Academy (Dehra Dun) or the Air Force Academy (Dundigal, Andhra Pradesh) or the Naval Academy (Ezhimala, Kerala) as per their preference, for higher studies and requisite trainings.

Other methods for choosing competent candidates for defense services are NCC special entry schemes; for service entry; special service entry for women; and recruitment of technical professionals. These recruitment procedures are performed scrupulously by fully authorized directorates, working under the department of defense, government of India.

Army Entrance Exams Practice Tests

Qualifying any of these defense entrance exams, is quite difficult and demanding. There are involved grueling written test, physical and mental examinations, rigorous and censorious personal interviews, and necessary group discussions. As far as the written test is concerned, there are today a large number of educational and competition institutions that provide materials, sample army entrance exams, and practice tests for any of these there defense entrance exams. It is commonly observed that such army entrance exams practice enhances speed and proficiency miraculously.