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The English Entrance exams are necessarily conducted for a variety of purposes in countries located in all across the globe. The most common and outstanding purposes being admission to the desired prestigious college or university for higher education; employment in native or foreign country; and for acquiring higher education in any foreign country. Hence, english entrance exams are quite important and decisive in respect of finding opportunities for higher education abroad, or getting illustrious and high-yielding jobs in any desired foreign country.

Apart from these, knowledge and proficiency in English language and literature is also vital for smooth progress in any literary profession or career. Moreover, as English has now emerged as a truly global language, adequate knowledge and fluency in this magnificent language is very beneficial to students, professionals, businessmen, and other people engaged in the activities of all sectors of economy in every country. The international or worldwide professions and businesses are amply well-facilitated by moderate to expert eloquence in English language. Therefore, ours globally prominent and reputed service organization which has been providing all-round and creative information about the education in India or abroad, also provided decent information regarding the most famous and trustworthy English entrance exams conducted in countries all across the world, in connection with any or more of the above-mentioned purposes.

Today, the most prominent, reliable, and reputed English Exams to test knowledge and proficiency in English Language and English Literature, in the whole world, are the following:

  • TOEFL english entrance exam
  • IELTS english entrance test
  • TOEIC english test
  • Cambridge ESOL english exams like CAE, PET, FCE, etc.
  • CPE english exam
  • KET english exam
  • ECCE english test
  • BULATS english exam
  • ECPE english test
  • PTE english exam
  • And, other english entrance exams or tests.

Among these globally prominent English language tests, the most reputed, reliable, and popular in the majority of nations of the world are IELTS and TOEFL. These elegant and rigorous English test is especially designed to check the depth of knowledge and understanding of English as a foreign language for public communication. The IELTS (the International English Language Testing System) exam is very popular in about 120 countries situated in all across the world, including UK, Ireland, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, USA, etc. This IELTS English exam is commonly recommended by colleges and universities in these countries for admission to higher education courses, and also by employers in public and private sectors in these countries regarding national or international employment. For similar purposes, TOEFL (Test of English as Foreign Language) is amply popular in USA and other nations of the world. Owing to ever-increasing popularity of TOEFL, it is now available in the computer-based exam format also, in addition to the traditional paper-based exams.

English Entrance Exams Practice Tests

Previous practice of any english entrance exam, is quite beneficial to students and professionals. These english entrance exams practice tests offer candidates the needed speed and proficiency while solving exam questions, besides the overall information regarding the contents and pattern of the interested English exam. Today, a large number of accredited and reliable educational institutions provide lavish and convenient facilities for english exams test online. From time to time ours organization provides information about such institutions located in India and abroad, for service to our Indian and foreign visitors.