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Singapore is one the world's most famous immigration & work destinations. Singapore is a cosmopolitan city-state. According to a survey, Singapore got a unique distinction of being one of the best cities in the world for Asian Expatriates to live in.

It is among the world's most booming commercial & business centers with a stable economy. It offers the best of lifestyle through excellent infrastructure, great food, amusement & dependable transportation system. It is naturally well-located for residents from majority of Asian countries. Singapore is also a doorway to most of ASEAN & Asia Pacific countries.

Obtaining a job offer from a Singapore employer can be a great way to increase your chances of immigration to Singapore. A genuine job offer enables you to a work permit or permanent residency under immigration to Singapore points based programs. You have to fill up the application for immigration to Singapore. There are several requirements for immigration to Singapore whether it is immigration to Singapore from USA or immigration to Singapore from India.

To find out immigration to Singapore requirements you have to follow the following steps described on the website highly skilled migrants, entrepreneurs, investors, skilled workers, lower skilled workers, professional sports people, and clergy members, International Students, and Working Holiday. Immigration to Singapore processing time is based on the type of immigration (Permanent or temporary). Normally it takes more than three weeks.

Individuals who have a full-time job offer from a Singapore employer may qualify for a permanent resident visa under the Skilled Worker Program. There are two ways of meeting the criteria for Arranged Employment under the Highly Skilled Worker Program - Obtaining an Arranged Employment and currently working in Singapore on a valid work permit.

Individuals in both groups are required to obtain the minimum points based under immigration to Singapore points based on six selection factors - education, work experience, age, arranged employment, official language proficiency and other adaptability factors. If an individual is in Singapore on a work permit he or she will be able to get up to an additional point. This significantly improves an applicant's immigration points total and many candidates with arranged employment become able to reach the current pass mark.