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Singapore is a cosmopolitan country and welcomes new residents each year. Coming to Singapore as an immigrant is a thrilling opportunity, affording everybody an opportunity to realize his full potential. If your desire is to immigrating to Singapore, you have a number of options while applying for permanent habitation status in Singapore.

You will have to apply for Singapore Visa to the High Commission of Singapore in your country. You have to fill up Singapore Visa application and submit it to the High Commission of Singapore in your country. You will be able to fill the form if you meet Singapore Visa requirements.

There are many types of Singapore Visa. The list of Singapore Visa includes Employment Pass Visa, EntrePass Visa, Personalized Employment Pass, Student Pass Visa, Dependant Pass Visa, Long Term Social Visit Pass Visa, Training Employment Pass Visa. To get Singapore Visa you have to do the followings: how to get Singapore Visa
  • Submit your valid signed Passport. The passport must contain at least one blank visa page
  • One Application Form, fully completed & signed
  • Recent Professional passport-type photographs
  • Completed Cover Page & Credit Card Authorization forms
  • Proof of funds to support yourself and dependants during your stay and enable you to leave Singapore, such as a bank statement, pay stubs or proof of employment or proof of travelers checks
  • Copy of Airline Tickets or Travel Agency Itinerary
  • If you are visiting friends/relatives in Singapore, please submit an invitation from your hosts in Singapore along with a copy of their legal status in Singapore