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The USA is the most strongest and powerful economy of the world. The citizens of the United States enjoy the best facilities to live and work.

It attracts many students or people for living in USA. Getting an opportunity to live in USA is like a dream come true.

People across the world apply for permanent immigration status (or a Green Card) each year for living in USA. It has many attractions like Disney World, Niagara Falls, and Boston Fenway Park. Really, USA is a good country to live. Several places are for living in USA. You have to find out the best places to live in USA. For this you can have to take the help from the local property dealers, internet and local people.

You have to apply to immigrate as a skilled worker, entrepreneur, self-employed person or investor. Every category has firm requirements and the immigration process is complex, lasting three weeks or longer. There are 50 states in the USA where you can find a place to live in. The best cities to live in USA for international students and workers or professionals are Washington, DC, Massachusetts, California, New York, Pittsburgh, and Boston.

The cost of living in the USA differs on location and lifestyle. Big cities such as Los Angeles, New York & Chicago tend to have high costs and quality of goods & other materials for daily uses. The USA has large space to grow crops. The cost of food, household items & entertainment can vary but overall, almost all people can afford these at ease. Most of Americans enjoy good quality of life with high net income. The government also asks for state & government income tax from all immigrants, locals & foreign visitors.