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The USA is the most strongest and powerful economy of the world. The citizens of the United States enjoy the best facilities to live and work.

The USA has many attractions like Disney World, Niagara Falls, and Boston Fen way Park which draw many people for applying citizenship USA.

Getting an opportunity to live in USA is like a dream come true. People across the world apply for PR or Citizenship USA (or a Green Card) each year. You can get green card in USA after applying for USA permanent resident. The procedure to apply for PR in USA is lengthy due to various types of rules for various countries. For getting the citizenship USA, you have to follow the following steps: How to apply for PR in USA

  • Read the application guide
  • Check the eligibilities
  • Obtain the application form
  • Complete the pr application form & attach the necessary documents
  • Pay the fee and get the necessary receipt
  • Mail the application form and documents to Citizenship and Immigration USA
  • Receive an appointment letter from USCIS
  • Wait for USCIA interview schedule
  • Take test
  • Receive a ceremony date

You can get USA permanent resident card through a family member, an employer, the Diversity Visa Lottery, and investment. The points to apply for PR in USA vary on one candidate to another. As for example, skilled workers are persons with proper education, age, work experience, and language abilities under one of official languages of USA & who are chosen as permanent residents under six selection factors demonstrating their likelihood to be economically settled in USA. Applicants are evaluated under 6 factors & numerous sub factors of assessment providing necessary points. They have to obtain the minimum point to apply for PR in USA.