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The USA is the most strongest and powerful economy of the world. The citizens of the United States enjoy the best facilities to live and work.

It attracts many students or people to live and work in USA. Getting an opportunity to live & work in USA is like a dream come true.

People across the world apply for permanent immigration status (or a Green Card) each year. Several benefits & added advantages of United States Green Card draw people. The colleges and universities of the USA allow their students to study and work in USA. They help their students to work on campus while studying in a course. American colleges and universities offer a limited number of paid internships.

If you want to be paid for your practicum, be sure to tell your college or university when you apply for admission to the program. If possible, the institute will place you in a field which matches your career interest. You should be open-minded about what type of work you will be doing. There are several works in USA for international students. They have to take help from their college or university to get work in USA while pursuing a course.

You should think a lot to live and work in USA. You should have to collect information about how to work in USA and the USA Work Visa requirements. At first you have to look for a place to live in USA. Finding the right place to live & work may take some time. Housing costs differ greatly across USA and depend on location & type of home. Where you choose to live will influence your professional prospects, job opportunities & salary. To work in USA you have to get USA work visa (Green Card). You will have to full fill the requirements for getting USA work visa. The requirements for USA work visa are mentioned below:

  • Satisfy that the he would leave the USA upon completion of your employment in the USA.
  • Be a law abiding & with no criminal track record.
  • Proof of Police Clearance certificate would be necessary.
  • Not be a risk to the security of the USA.
  • Be in good health after submitting completed medical examination report.
  • Produce any additional documents as required by the authorities.