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USA work visa or USA work permit, a provisional USA immigration service offered by the government of USA, allows a worker to migrate to USA to fill a specific position in a particular company.

The USA work permits are not intended as a route to settlement & applications for visas of this kind are designed to help USA employers who are finding it difficult to fill positions with permanent residents or Americans.

There are various types of USA work permit like H1B visa, L1 visa, J-1 visa. For getting work permit in USA you will have to fill up USA work permit application and submit to the High Commission in your country.Applying for an USA work permit makes provision to work in USA without the need to undergo points based assessment. In USA, skilled worker visas & USA business visas need a point threshold to be met in order to qualify.

USA work permits allow you to work in the country; however, they are dependent upon a job offer from a sponsoring company. Working permits are fixed, though you can apply for an USA visa for immigration of another type during your stay. While staying in the USA, immigration status can only be altered in this way so long as your permit is still valid. USA work permit requirements are mentioned below:

  • You have to satisfy that you would leave USA upon completion of your employment in USA.
  • Be a law abiding & with no criminal track record.
  • A proof of Police Clearance certificate would be necessary.
  • You won't be a risk to the security of USA.
  • Remain in good health after submitting medical examination report.
  • Offer any additional documents as required by the Citizenship & Immigration USA.

USA work permit processing time is based on the types of USA work permit or USA work visa. Normally, it takes two to three weeks. The USA work permit fee is also based on the types of USA work permit and you have to pay the USA work permit fees based on your choice of the work permit.