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Massages one of the oldest ancient methods to relieve stress and body from different ailments especially muscle pain. Ayurveda and massage are the two interconnected terms that cannot be separated as ayurveda offers various massage therapies but in fact, massage has been derived from ayurveda which is an ancient rat of healing different body ailments with the help of herbal oils and medicines.

Massage has lot of benefits not only on the inner body but also on the outer body as it leaves a healthy glowing skin, leaving you fresh and rejuvenated both from inside and outside. The different types of ayurveda massage offered at ayurveda clinics and spa centers include ayurvedic relaxation massage, Abhyanga, pizhichil, sirodhara and Nhavarakizhi. These massage therapies recharge you from within and improves the blood circulation, tones the muscles, calms the nerves and help relive joint pain. Apart from the common health benefits of ayurveda massage.

Ayurveda Massage Benefits

  • Increases energy level of the body
  • Skin becomes smoother and softer leaving it glowing healthy.
  • People getting ayurveda massage on a regular basis see a drastic improvement in the levels of stamina.
  • Helps eliminate impurities from the body.
  • Helps sleep better and deeper at night.
  • The herbal ayurveda herbal oil massage also helps balance kapha dosha and revitalizes the lethargic body and mind by enhancing the blood circulation throughout the body.

Ayurveda was born in india and today, there are numerous ayurvedic clinics across India and abroad which aim at providing healthy body in a natural way. Kerala, a beautiful Indian state is renowned for ayurveda medicines and massage. You can get the best medicines and oils created directly from the herbal plants from kerala. Selection of the right oil is very important if you think of massaging your body at home.

There are specific oils for specific conditions, therefore, the ayurvedic physicians recommend to first find out the main root cause of the problem and then select the ayurveda oil according to the disease. Aswagandhaadi oil is commonly used for improving muscle atrophy whereas brahmi oil is considered good for sound sleep. Mahaamarichyaadi helps control itching and mahanarayana oil is suitable to treat muscle pains and arthritic conditions in a human body.