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The popularity of ayurveda has grown year by year. Today, ayurveda is renowned as one of the best arts of healing. The relevance of ayurveda has grown and people around the world have realized the importance of ayurveda treatments as it is an age old remedy of healing various ailments naturally. Ayurveda treatments promote longevity and provide natural treatments with the use of herbal oils used for massages. Apart from massages, there are natural medicines made from herbs that act as food to the body and nourish the organisms.

Ayurveda provides treatments to various ailments and progresses with the three basic ayurveda aspects including prevention of diseases, rejuvenating of body which promotes blood circulations and long life. According to ayurveda, every human being is a composition of five basic elements and is represented in the body as the following :

  • Doshas
  • Dhatus
  • Malas

Dosha controls the body and maintains the overall functioning of the organs in the body. Doshas are further categorized under vata dosha, pitta dosha and kapha dosha. Dhatu, on the other hand is body tissues which act as supportive parts of your body. Malas are the wastes of the body such as urine, Feces, sweat, saliva, tears and other secretions. There are many ayurveda treatments in india.

Ayurveda Treatment Centers

  • Ayurveda gram
  • Kairali ayurveda health spa
  • Vedanta ayurveda
  • Kerala ayurveda ltd
  • Soukya
  • Avpayurveda
  • Shri kaya kalp

Ayurveda treatments are also recognized as ayuveda therapies. There are different types of ayurveda therapies provided by institutes and massage centers which regulate and involve activities like balancing diet, methods to increase weight or decrease weight, exercise, meditation, use of germs, herbal pastes and compresses for massage, sweating, herbal medications, internal cleaning, meditation and massage. Decades ago, ayurveda was considered as the goddess of medicines but as time passed and advancement in technology came into being, ayurveda treatments got lost somewhere.

Since past few years, the ayurveda treatments in India have gained immense popularity as people have realized the effective and natural results of its healing therapies. Ayurveda today offers various advanced therapies which include ayurvedic massage treatment, ayurveda slimming therapy and ayurveda beauty therapy.