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Ayurveda is a branch of science that deals with the total well being of a person and its treatment is based on three important substances called doshas. Ayurveda practitioners have found number of treatments for the different body ailments in human beings but while paying focus and attention on ayurveda treatment, it is highly recommended to pay a good attention towards ayurveda diet.

Ayurveda doctors prepare a healthy diet chart for different body types going under ayurveda treatment which fastens their treatment therapy and promotes a healthy lifestyle. According to ayurveda, proper digestion is a key to a healthy body and most of us consume foods that distract our digestion, promoting health problems and diseases of various types. As far as health and hygiene is concerned, ayurveda offers a bunch of ayurveda diet plans that can affect your health in a positive way. Food and mood are the two important components that affect your health and ayurveda is a holistic health science approach that helps to control and balance both in a natural way by providing various ayurveda massages, ayurvedic medicines prepared from natural herb plants and most importantly ayurvedic diet.

Food affect your mental status, hormones and functioning f the body organs therefore, ayurveda recommends including organic and herbal foods in your daily diet so that you lead a happily healthy life. An ayurvedic diet is especially prepared for persons, keeping in view their body type, diseases and ailments if any.

Ayurvedic Diet Features

  • The body type is first examined before fixing up a die regime for an individual under ayurveda treatment.
  • The conditions, symptoms and root causes of the problem are then taken into consideration, keeping in view his/her age.
  • The three specific types like vata, pata and kapha are considered before prescribing the ayurvedic diet tips.
  • Kapha types are advised to consume foods of the lighter make.
  • Vata types are advised to include carrots, onions, grapes, strawberries, banana, lemon, potato, rice, nuts and almonds in their regular diet.
  • Pitta types of people are recommended to intake cottage cheese, apples, barley, wheat rice, watermelons, mangoes and a lot of water on a regular basis.
  • Besides the regular ayurveda diet, exercise, spa, massage and a lot of water intake is very important to keep up a healthy lifestyle and a healthy body from within.