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Health education resources are highly beneficial in today's growing economy. They play an important role and have now become one of the growing professions in India and abroad. Health education resources are commonly referred to as open education resources (OET). They have emerged to be one of the most potential sources for generating education and spreading relevant knowledge to the people around the world at no cost. There are plenty of free health education resources around the world that provide quick and easy access to professional health information which motivates children for a healthier lifestyle.

There are different elementary health education resources and programs organized by different communities and institutes in which healthy lifestyle is promoted and preventions on every infection and diseases are conveyed for free. Some of the topics of community health education resources are :

  • Alcohol & other drugs
  • Community & environmental health
  • Diseases & disorders
  • Family health
  • Injury & violence
  • Mental health
  • Nutrition
  • Personal & consumer health
  • Physical activity
  • Tobacco

For information on the listed topics, different resource types are used like curriculum & lessons, fact sheets, student materials and teacher instrumental materials.

Elementary Health Education Resources

Elementary health education resources have proved to be very beneficial and rewarding in the past few years. A drastic improvement in the establishment of these resources has also been noted. The elementary health education resources are classified under various categories and help improve the health of people in different ways.

Having already known, education has always played a key role in developing an individual mentally. The prominent health education resources are :

  • Centers for disease control and prevention (CDC)
  • HealthED
  • Learn to be healthy
  • CHER, community health education & resources
  • CRS, community resource for science
  • Unite for sight
  • Teacher vision
  • Health teacher
  • H.E.R.E
  • Then native American women's health education resource center
  • M healthy, university of Michigan