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Masters in Health Education

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You can get only entry level job having a bachelor degree in health education. If you want to go ahead in health education and earn a good place in health sector, you must do masters in health education.

Any person with an MPH, MS, or MHA in health education / promotion will have the required skill set and knowledge to be able to effective encourage healthy lifestyles and educate communities about disease and injury prevention.

Masters in Health Education Programs

Master's degrees in health education are normally subdivided into different degree categories, like community health education or school health education. Graduates of master's degree in health education usually work in medical care facilities, secondary schools, colleges and universities and in the field of public health. Maser's in health education programs is offered as:

  • Master of Arts or Master of Science in Health Education
  • Master's Degree in Public Health
  • Master of Health Education
  • Master of Health Administration
  • Master of Science in Health Education
  • MS in Healthcare Management
  • Master in Healthcare Administration
  • MBA in Healthcare
  • Master of Health Administration
  • MPH in Education & Promotion
  • MS in Health Administration
  • Master of Science in Health Communication
  • Master in Health Education

Career after Masters in Health Education

After having Masters in Health Education you will have lots of job opportunities in health sector. You can be a teacher at a primary or middle school. You will be able to earn a doctoral degree in health education after earning a Master degree in health education. You can work at different posts in health care sector and you will be paid higher as your salary.