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MPhil Admission - Master of Philosophy

Mangalayatan University

The degree of the Master of Philosophy (M.Phil.) is an intermediate academic degree between the Master's degree and the PhD degree in any discipline/subject. Therefore, this postgraduate academic research degree serves as the door to pursuing a rigorous PhD degree in future in one's discipline. Again, completion of this master of philosophy in one's stream also offers entry to mid-level positions in the concerned industry. MPhil holders find better job opportunities in the relevant fields than those only with a master's degree in the same fields. The usual posts attainable after doing an MPhil are the following ---- teachers, assistant lecturers/professors, assistant economic/industry analysts, junior consultants, assistant scientists, R&D laboratory technicians or assistants, journalists, assistant managers/directors, business executives, and so on. In today's world of intensely competitive businesses and services, doing an MPhil is certainly advisable for faster career growth and better pastures. Hence, the majority of prestigious universities of India and abroad also conduct elaborate MPhil courses in various technical and non-technical fields/subjects to cater to these requirements of the contemporary world of businesses and professions, in addition to the PhD courses.

It may also be noted that an MPhil is actually a preliminary research degree in any field. The thesis to be presented during this programme may not be necessarily fully original or in-depth. Detailed analysis, originality, and enlightening depth form the salient features of the dissertations presented during the PhD courses. Generally, the subjects/fields relating to the broad discipline of arts and humanities, are most popular or easily available for MPhil courses in India and numerous other countries. In India, the duration of an mphil program generally varies from one to two years through the full-time mode.

In India, rigorous MPhil courses/programs are conducted by a large fraction of Central, State-owned, and Private/Deemed universities, both through the part-time and full-time study modes. The lower section deals separately and exclusively with the information about the mphil entrance exam 2020, to help the aspiring candidates pertaining to various disciplines. Now in India, the phd and mphil admissions are made as per the provisions and regulations recommended by the UGC (Minimum Standards and Procedure for Award of Ph.D./M.Phil. Degrees) (1st Amendment) Regulations, 2018. Again, universities may conduct a common research entrance test for admissions to their PhD and MPhil courses, or separate entrance exams for these two categories of courses. The mphil admission procedure also encompasses a research entrance test and then a final selection interview in the majority of Indian universities, same like those necessary for a PhD program. According to the new UGC PhD/MPhil Regulations of 2018, the research entrance test is given 70% weightage, and the interview is offered the remaining 30% weightage for measuring the performance/merit of the candidates for admission to the desired course. The eligibility conditions for competing in the research entrance test are almost the same for both PhD and MPhil programs.

MPhil Entrance Exam - Latest MPhil Admission Notifications India 2020

According to the mphil admission notifications 2020, many famous Indian universities will conduct their respective doctoral research entrance exams from time to time in the first half of the year 2020. Mentioned below, are the mphil admission dates 2020 of some prestigious universities of India, for help to the interested and ambitious candidates.