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PhD in English

Mangalayatan University

PhD in English Literature has always been a hugely popular program in India and abroad, especially by those who wanted to build illustrious and lavish careers in the fields of (English) literature and mass communication. A prolific phd in english prepares the candidates or professionals for pedagogical roles in academia and publishing, and many other avenues related with literature and mass communication. The lowest section mentions the most prominent career options after a phd in english in various employment avenues.

This diligently-written webpage offers the full-gamut of necessary information about phd admission in english subject/literature in India to help aspiring Indian and foreign professionals or candidates. Besides information about the eligibility requirements and phd admission procedure, some famous Indian universities for pursuing this phd program in english are also informed. In the majority of Indian universities, the PhD in English takes 3 to 5 years in general. It may also be mentioned that the PhD in English literature is the highest research-based academic degree provided by a university, and therefore, requires a master's degree in English or an M.Phil. in English literature.

PhD Admission 2021 in English Literature (Full Time/Part Time)

The admissions to the full time and part time phd courses in english are made based on the performance of a candidates both at the research entrance test and then at the personal interview, conducted by the concerned university. As far as the phd admission 2021 is concerned, these test and interview will be conducted as per the provisions and regulations provided in the new UGC (Minimum Standards and Procedure for Award of Ph.D./M.Phil. Degrees) (1st Amendment) Regulations, 2018. The eligibility conditions for participating in the research entrance exam for phd in english are stipulated separately under the section just below.

At present, the following are some highly renowned indian universities offering phd in english literature under the full-time or/and part-time programs:

Eligibility/Qualification/Syllabus/Sample Papers for PhD in English

In general, the eligibility conditions/qualifications for applying for a phd in english to any Indian university are the following:

The syllabus of phd program in english will be well-devised to develop and hone the linguistic research skills of the candidates, for promote constructive research and betterment in the literature of English. In addition to the core courses in English language and literature, the syllabus will cover the following ---- various topics related with research methodologies;advanced matters related with English language or literature; in-depth learning about translation; and then, preparation of the required original and in-depth dissertation. This syllabus may readily be obtained from the Internet, along with the phd english sample paper, related with the research tests conducted by the concerned universities in previous years.

PhD Admission in English for International or Foreign Students in India

All eligibility conditions and qualifications specified above for phd admission in english, hold good also for foreign/international students. Differ only the application fee and the structure of the course fees, for international students. Again, depending upon the education system or the grading of educational degrees or performance employed in their respective countries, the documents to be submitted by foreign candidates may also vary more or less. All other matters, processes, and procedure followed during the research program remain the same, with no any discriminations on any grounds.

Career Options after PhD in English

Advanced knowledge in English language and literature offers affluent and respected careers in many fields where it is pertinent. The most probable and popular employment fields among these are the following --- Colleges & Universities; Publishing Houses; Data Centers; Translation Offices; News & Media; Technical Writing in Companies; and Coaching Centers. And, their designations or positions will be the following depending upon their respective field of interest: