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PhD in History

This diligently-written web-page offers precious and very beneficial information about phd admission in history subject in India, the eligibility qualifications and duration of the PhD course, the career options after phd in history, some most renowned universities of India for PhD in history, and other relevant information.

Mangalayatan University

It may be just mentioned that, the PhD in history is the highest-level academic degree granted by universities of India and most of the foreign universities. Hence, this elevated course (lasting generally for 3 to 5 years at Indian universities) opens door to lavish careers in a variety of pertinent fields (depending upon specific specialization areas in history) which are separately informed under the lowest section on this very webpage.

It may also be here just noted that, history is study of the written events and records related with the social, cultural, religious, political, and economic developments in regions across the world since ancient and prehistoric times. A scholar may concentrate his studies on certain period of history or on specific geographical region, depending on his interest or ambition.

PhD Admission 2021 in History Subject (Full Time/Part Time)

In India at present, the phd admissions in history (including the phd admission 2021) are taken based on the performance of a candidate in the concerned research entrance exam for phd history and also at the final personal interview. These research test and interview are conducted as per the PhD regulations of the relevant university, and also according to the provisions and regulations provided in the new UGC (Minimum Standards and Procedure for Award of Ph.D./M.Phil. Degrees) (1st Amendment) Regulations, 2018. This phd admission procedure and the below-mentioned eligibility qualifications (stipulated below separately) remain the same for both the full time and part time phd courses in history in most of the Indian universities.

The following are some most famous and popular indian universities offering phd in history under the modes of full-time or/and part-time PhD programs at present:

Eligibility/ Qualification/ Syllabus/ Sample Papers for PhD in History

For admission to any desired Indian university, the eligibility conditions for phd in history are the following in general:

The syllabus of phd in history encompasses extensive and intensive studies related with the specialization areas, in addition to the common historical studies linked with India and countries worldwide. Some of the major topics covered by the syllabus will be the following --- ancient, medieval, and modern history of India and the world, covering topics like culture, politics, foreign policy, potential colonialism, reformations, gender theory, and period writings; matters related with research methodology; the trends in historiography; and other things closely related with the specialization areas. Along with the syllabus for phd history, the interested candidates can readily find the phd history sample paper (based on prior research test conducted by Indian universities) on the internet.

PhD Admission in History Course for International or Foreign Students in India

For phd admission in history in India, the above-mentioned eligibility conditions also hold good for the foreign or international students/candidates, with certain necessary changes in application fee and in the course fee structure, and the documents to be submitted. The educational documents to be submitted for phd admission may differ or vary depending upon the education system or the grading of educational performance/degree, which are followed in the native country of any concerned foreign candidate. All other procedures and matters related with the PhD course remain the same, with no discriminations on any grounds.

Career Options after PhD in History

Broad and in-depth knowledge in history, particularly in the specialization areas, provides illustrious and well-paying careers in a variety of related fields. After completing a PhD in history, the qualified candidate/professional can easily find progressive employment in any of the following fields/avenues --- Schools and Universities, Museums, Art Galleries, Archaeological Survey of India, Historical Sites, National Parks, Historical Research Institutes, Coaching and Teaching Institutes, and so on. Again, based on specific specialization areas, the PhD holders in history can attain the following posts/designations in general