Career in Firefighting

There are always huge demands for fire engineers, fire firefighting technicians, and firefighters in any country of the world, in all across the country. The most prominent and outstanding fields for employment are given separately in the section below. To provide necessary information about this highly progressive and humanitarian career, ours this article is being written.

Professionals and staff in this firefighting field are qualified and trained to deal with fire and safety systems, devising facilities for life safety and property protection, fire fighting techniques, use of rescue instruments and equipments, and first aid support to victims. Fire fighters help vigorously and intelligently in protecting the public in cases of accidental fire disasters by responding promptly to a variety of fatal emergencies caused by fire or other hazards. They work in dangerous situations and hazardous conditions for long irregular hours to save lives and property of other people.

Hence, firefighting is definitely a noble occupation, and all people engaged in this field deserve due respect of people in general. The most suitable and impressive qualities of professionals in this firefighting field are being patient and disciplined, agile and efficient, responsible and reliable, self-confident and daring, and able to work well in teams. The below section offers all-round and refined information over the firefighting careers in India, inherently including the firefighting courses in india.

Firefighting Jobs Courses in India

As in all other countries of the world, the firefighting jobs in india are abundant and highly paying. The careers in the field of firefighting and fire & safety, can broadly be divided into the following major categories:

  • Fire Engineer
  • Fire & Safety Engineer
  • Manager-Fire and Safety Systems
  • Fireman/Firefighter
  • Fire & Safety Technician/Supervisor
  • Fire Alarm System Technician
  • Fire Security and Safety Officer
  • Fire Fighting Engineer

These all firefighting careers offer extensive chances of employment in Oil and Gas fields and Refineries; Petrochemicals and Plastic industries; Chemical Plants; LPG and LNG handling and bottling plants; industries dealing with Fertilizers and Textiles; large Construction companies; Municipalities; Hospitals; Fire Brigade Stations; Residential, Commercial, and Industrial Complexes; Airports; Insurance companies; Aircraft industries; and many other Governmental and private offices and buildings.

For a bright and progressive career in firefighting the minimum educational requirement is 10+2 with physics, chemistry, and mathematics. Degrees like B. Sc and M. Sc are highly preferable. Along with any of these academic degrees, a Diploma or Degree course in Fire Engineering, or Fire and Safety Engineering, or Fire and Safety, or Fire Science, Fire and Emergency Services, or Fire and Emergency management, or in Firefighting, is highly appreciated. Any technical degree B.E/B. Tech in Chemical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering, or Electrical Engineering, is certainly primarily suitable for a galloping career in firefighting.

In India, most of the reputed universities, IITs, open universities, and other educational institutions provide these qualifying diplomas or degrees. The National Fire Service College located in Nagpur also offers a three-and-half year course in fire engineering. A rigorous training at a fire academy or other institute is essential and prescribed to teach candidates, firefighting techniques, usage of rescue equipments, first aid training, and practical skills and expertise.