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Electronic Media is the category of the media which inherently uses Electronics and electromechanical energy to present a variety of information and other impressive and entertaining content to the general audience. The range and ambit of this electronic media is therefore, extensive; and much more than that of the print media, which essentially presents matters in printed form only.

Today, within the canopy of electronic media come all types of audio recordings, video recordings, multimedia presentations, CD-ROM, slide presentations, and all types of online contents on internet. Thus, encompassed by the electronic media are the world of movies, TV programs and serials, telecommunications, things of multimedia, radio programs, and the internet contents. Hence, career in electronic media is rather rich, varied, and quite progressive and glamorous.

In ours this hugely informative and greatly enlightening article, we are offering information about the most significant areas of the electronic media, the TV Channels, and the Film Industry. These television channels inevitably include the news channels. There are a rather wide variety of electronic media careers in these areas in India and all other developing and progressing countries of the world.

These electronic media jobs come under two broad categories, jobs in front of the camera, and behind-the-scene jobs. The main and most important activities in these fields of the electronic media are news collection, analysis and editing, and presentation; film production; production of TV serials and programs; direction; acting; script writing; cinematography; sound recording; visual mixing; choreography; editing; radio production; radio jockeying; animation; video game designing; creation of music videos; and many other overt and covert activities and jobs.

Electronic Media Jobs Courses in India

Owing to the ever-increasing number of films and television programs and serials made every year, and rapid proliferation of TV Channels and FM Radio Stations, there are present a burgeoning number of electronic media jobs in india, today. But, original creativity, and the qualities of remaining bold, versatile, innovative, and excelling oneself regularly, etc., are essentially required for smooth progress, undaunted stability, and desired success and reputation. Below are listed institutes for accredited and highly progressive electronic media courses in india at diverse levels.

The main and major career options in the Electronic Media are the following:

  • Film Director
  • Cameraman
  • Script Writer
  • Makeup Artist
  • Floor Manager
  • Visual Mixer
  • Music Composer
  • TV News Editor
  • TV News Analyst
  • Radio Production
  • TV Field Reporter
  • Production Manager
  • TV Journalist/Writer
  • Cinema Projectionist
  • News Research Analyst
  • Advertising Executive
  • TV News/Program Anchor
  • News/Program Presenter
  • Public Relations Officer
  • Film/TV Actor or Actress
  • Media Marketing Executive
  • Supporting or Character Artists
  • Audiovisual Production Specialist
  • Field and In-house Correspondent

The following are some of the most reputed institutes in India which provide diverse courses at different levels for careers in Journalism/Mass Communication, TV News, and TV and Film industries:

  • Indian Institute of Mass Communication (IIMC), New Delhi
  • Asian College of Journalism, Bangalore
  • Symbiosis Institute of Mass Communication, Pune
  • Xavier's Institute of Communications (XIC), Mumbai
  • International Institute of Mass Media, New Delhi
  • Indian Academy of Mass Communication, Chennai
  • K. J. Somaiya Inst of Journalism and Mass Comm, Mumbai
  • Film & Television Institute of India (FTII), Pune
  • Asian Academy of Film & Television, Film City, Noida
  • National Institute of Design (NID), Ahmedabad
  • Satyajit Ray Film & Television Institute, Kolkata
  • Film & Television Institute of Tamil Nadu, Chennai
  • Jyoti Chitraban Film & Television Institute, Guwahati
  • A.J.Kidwai (MCRC),Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi.

Again, for lavish and progressive employments in the electronic media in India, the following are the most prominent and reputed avenues at present:

  • Film Production Companies
  • Star India
  • Zee Telefilms
  • Sony Entertainment Television
  • Doordarshan
  • Other Private Broadcasters
  • All India Radio
  • FM Radio Stations
  • Bennett Coleman & Company
  • Malayala Manorama & Company