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Career in Pharmaceutical Industry

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If you are looking a career option, career in pharmaceutical industry is great option. Pharmaceutical companies in India are increasing at a very fast speed and this has made the Indian pharmaceutical industry as the second biggest growing industry.

Pharmaceutical Engineering deals with the originality of drugs thereby, dealing with the energy of life. Basically, this is a division of chemical engineering and is involved in the design, discovery and development of parts and products within pharmaceutical industry. With finding of powerful medicines and drugs, Pharmaceutical industry is contributing towards a better living for human beings.

Pharmaceutical industry in India

The Indian Pharmaceutical Industry is able to meet the country's demand for each drug. The manufacturing units within the country are meeting about 80% of the country's drug requirements. The drug production division is equipped with researched and technology knowledge base. The industry produces drugs worth rupees 18000 crores and is rising at 9 per cent each year.

It presents quality products with internationally accepted excellence standards. There are about 20,000 production units in India with products sold at competitive lower prices than international drug prices. Pharmaceutical career is very bright here.

Jobs in pharmaceutical in India

Jobs opportunities in pharmaceutical Industry are ample here. It is seen that pharmacy companies spend a lot in promoting their product and in sales. The Jobs in pharmaceutical Industry of the managed care pharmacist is to invent rules and regulations pertaining to the utilization of dissimilar drugs. Some of the jobs in pharmaceutical in India are Matrix Laboratories, Ranbaxy laboratories, Lupin, NATCO Pharmaceuticals, Procter & Gamble Hygiene and Healthcare, Pfizer, Merck, Kerala Ayurveda Pharmacy, Dabur Pharma, Glenmark Pharmaceuticals, Biocon, GlaxoSmithkline Pharma, Cipla, Ipca Laborataories, Orchid Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals.