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Print Media is one of the most fast growing sectors of India. The young generation of today is taking much interest in career in print media as working in the sector gives glamour promises opportunities to up the ladder of success very fast. Print media jobs also demand lot of hard work and patience as well.

Print media is much more than mere reporting. Artists, editors, graphic designers, photographers, cartoonists can also have a full fledged fruitful career in print media. So, on this page, Indiaedumart will provide you with relevant information regarding Print media career guidance and print media career information.

Career options in Print media

A Career in Print media gives you an opportunity to work on various positions like columnist, freelance journalist, editors sub editors etc. on this page we are giving print media career information and are trying to pen down the various career options in print media. Let's have a brief knowledge about what people pursuing print media career do.

Columnist is a person that gives and adds information to the columns of the newspaper.

Freelance Journalist : Freelance journalist is a person who is salaried as per the contribution of the articles he/ she writes.

Editors : Editors are the people who design the layout of the matter before the final publishing of the news.

Sub Editors : A person that adds the final touches to the articles or the news given by the reporters is known as sub-editors.