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Careers in Aviation are among highly glamorous, well-paid, and opulent careers offered by various economic fields. Ample and fast economic growth, constantly growing financial prosperity of individuals, booming international trade and businesses, and ever-increasing domestic and international tourism, etc., have been boosting rapid progress and growth in the aviation sector of most of the progressing countries of the world.

In all future time to come, the aviation industry in most of the country is to prosper fast regularly to become one of the most developed and rich sectors of economy. Consequently, the aviation industry offers extensive job opportunities at diverse levels and positions, at present and in future years. In this article, we are providing exclusive information about lavish aviation jobs in india, and all other necessary information for success in this highly growth-oriented sector.

India's aviation sector is amply large and ranks among the fastest growing aviation industries of the whole world. Both its domestic and international air-traffic and services are increasing regularly at the growth rate of over 15% every year. After declaration of new FDI Policy by the Government of India to allow 49% foreign investment in the domestic aviation of India in the year 2012, this good situation in the aviation sector of India is certain to become better rapidly. Hence, the commercial aviation in India is most likely to flourish luxuriantly in all future years to come, and thus, will provide vast opportunity for employment in the sector. More information regarding the careers in aviation industry of India, is offered in the section below separately, for more convenience to our visitors.

Aviation Careers Jobs in India

Quick and lavish employment opportunities in the Indian aviation industry are readily available in both governmental and private airlines at national and international levels, under the categories of Boeing Planes, Cargo Planes, Chartered Planes, and Private Planes. Accredited aviation course in the desired field from recognized and reputed aviation institutes in India, will not only facilitate employment in these airline services, but also in international airlines like Emirates, Lufthansa, Singapore Airlines, Qantas, and several other.

Apart from the governmental airlines, today a great many private airlines are present in Indian aviation at domestic and international levels, including Sahara India, Jet Airways, Kingfisher Airlines, Trans Asian Aviation, etc. Besides, high salaries, a variety of other facilities, benefits, and perks are commonly offered to aviation professionals by the governmental and private airlines in India. Broad field of Aviation offers a variety of career areas, each require some special course and practical training. Aspirants have to choose the most suitable career in aviation according to their respective attitude and interest. In India and also other countries abroad, the following are main aviation careers and courses:

  • Pilot Training
  • Aviation Safety Training Instructor Courses
  • Flight Deck Crew Course
  • Flight Attendant Courses
  • Commercial Pilot Training
  • Aviation Cargo
  • Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Course
  • Air Hostess Course
  • Flight Steward Course
  • Hospitality & Customer Services
  • Cabin Crew and In-Flight Services
  • Flight Despacher's Course
  • Airport Ground Services
  • And, other service and technical areas.

For above-specified aviation courses in india, the following are at present most efficient, reputed, and popular aviation institutes in India:

  • Indian Institute of Aeronautics, Delhi
  • Indian Institute of Aeronautical Science, Kolkata
  • Livewel Academy, Mumbai
  • Indian Institute of Aeronautics Science, Jamshedpur
  • Bharat Institute of Aeronautics, Patna
  • Avalon Aviation Academy, New Delhi
  • Asiatic International Aviation Academy, Indore