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The career in elementary education is always bright, stable, and highly progressive in any developing country, inevitably including India. Apart from the governmental schools and compulsory education programs, there are numerous schools in the private sector in every country, for providing ample and lavish employment to competent teachers. Moreover, the number of such governmental and private schools in every part of the country, is to increase gradually in all future times to come. Thus, elementary education jobs are ever-present and highly prolific in every country of the world. Ours this article now provides exclusive information over the elementary education careers and diverse categories of elementary education jobs in india, in the paragraphs below.

The gamut and ambit of elementary education generally ranges from nursery to primary and upper primary schools in most of the States and Union Territories of India. Thus, the elementary education is the very first stage of school and academic learning in life of children. In the field of elementary education, there are enormous job opportunities in all across India, in both governmental and private sectors. Today, the school education infrastructure of India ranks among the largest education systems and infrastructures in the whole world, like the higher education infrastructure of India. Again, the educational curriculums of Indian schools are now rather enriched and cover most of the highly significant and prolific subjects and fields. Careers in elementary education are also rich in respect of salaries and other allowances and benefits.

Elementary Education Jobs Courses in India

In India, elementary education jobs are abundant in governmental primary schools, private primary and secondary schools, residential schools, convent schools, and International schools. Today in India, the number of these all categories of schools in all across the country, is enormous, and is constantly growing. The educational curriculums of these schools essentially cover the subjects or disciplines of sciences, social sciences, languages and literature, computer science and applications, arts and drawing, environmental science, and many other subjects. Hence, the gamut of employment in elementary education sector is quite extensive and enriched. All metropolitan and major cities of India offer myriad jobs in the field of elementary education along with several ancillary facilities.

For teaching in the elementary education sector of India, an elementary teacher training course is pre-requisite after 10+2 or graduation in any academic or professional discipline. Graduate or post-graduate degree in any specialized discipline, along with B. Ed or M. Ed degree, are highly beneficial and propelling in the field of elementary education in india. Ph. D and D. Ed are highly appreciated in the teaching field at schools and colleges.

At present, a large number of central and State-owned universities, open universities, and open and distance learning institutes offer courses in education and teaching. These courses, essentially including the elementary education courses in india, are provided at graduate, postgraduate, and doctoral levels. However, for teachers' training by reputed governmental agencies and other prestigious private organizations, some rigorous entrance examinations are to be qualified. The National Council for Teacher Education (NCTE), New Delhi, is the apex advisory body in India regarding teacher education and training at Central and State levels.