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Today, the Beauty Industry is a vast industry with huge growth potential, and employs millions of happy professionals, entrepreneurs, and companies. In most of the highly developed and fast developing countries this beauty industry is flourishing luxuriantly with enormous profits. Spurred by rising incomes of people, new scientific developments, refined techniques, ever-growing number of beauty and skin care products, and media hype, the beauty industry has now emerged out prominently as a major occupational avenue with tremendous commercial potential and profits.

Growing with a high rate, this beauty industry is certainly an evergreen economic field, with immense employment potential worldwide. Although attitude, taste, trend, and preference keep on changing regularly, the basic job of the beauty care professionals remains almost the same, which is to assist people look and feel their best.

In ours this precious article, we are offering comprehensive and highly productive information about the beauty industry in India, in the below paragraphs. Indian beauty Industry too is rather large and refined and employs an enormous number of people, professionals, and companies. Today, the Cosmetic and Beauty industry of India is worth over US $3 billion and is growing tremendously with an average yearly growth rate of over 15%. Consequently, this galloping industry is bound to generate enormous employment potential in all future years ahead. Therefore, beauty industry careers in India are now quite lucrative, and there are numerous beauty industry jobs in india at present and in future. Detailed information about these beauty industry jobs, career in beauty industry, and diverse beauty industry courses in india, is being given in the section below.

Beauty Industry Careers Jobs in India

The beauty industry jobs in india are well-known for being highly paying, always on demand, comfortable job timing, terrific growth prospects, and the flexibility to open one's own business after adequate working experience. Interested persons especially women can choose a career in beauty industry as per his/her knowledge and interest, in any one or more broad categories of beauty care, skin care, hair care, and makeup. The following are common and main careers in the beauty industry in India or other countries abroad:

  • Beauty Salon Manager/Assistant Manager
  • Spa Manager/Assistant Manager
  • Director- Beauty Salon or Spa
  • Beauty Therapist/Spa Therapist
  • Beautician/Aesthetician
  • Beauty/Spa Trainer
  • Cosmetologist
  • Beauty/Skin Consultant
  • Fitness Director/Instructor
  • Massage Therapist
  • Hair Dresser/Stylist/Trainer
  • Makeup Artist
  • Nail Technician
  • Executive Trainer - Beauty/Hair/Skin Care
  • Beauty Salon Receptionist
  • Creative Director
  • Cosmetic Salesperson
  • Beauty Club Instructor
  • Cosmetic Sales Manager/Director
  • Quality Assurance Manager - Cosmetic and Skin Care
  • Production Manager/General Manager - Cosmetic Division

Course in the desired area can easily be pursued after 10+2 or Graduation. Today, there are a large number of governmental and private institutions in all across India which offer a variety of courses at varying hierarchic levels in the fields of Beauty Care, Cosmetology, Hair Care, and Makeup. The most prominent and reputed among these are - Nagpur University's B. Tech in Cosmetic Technology; Diploma in Fashion Media Makeup by Pearl Academy of Fashion, New Delhi; Blossom Kochhar College of Creative Arts and Design, Delhi; Naturals Beauty Training School, Chennai; and many privately run courses by Shahnaz Hussain, Bharti Taneja, Habib, Ambika Pillai, Miriam Zaveri, Vandana Luthra, VLCC, Alps, Pivot Point, YWCA Centers (, etc. through their franchisees in various major cities of India.