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India, being a secular nation bears equal tolerance to all religions. There are people belonging to Hindu, Islamic, Christian, Buddhist, Jain and Sikh religions and hence it encapsulates so many religious places. In addition to religious place India has got and agents have prominent employment growth in India because of increasing housing needs.

Career in real estate is very much in demand because the demand of housing needs never stop. Real estate career options cover various areas such as residential brokerage, commercial brokerage, industrial and office brokerage, property management, land development, real estate appraising, urban planning, real estate counseling and real estate research. On this page Indiaedumart is giving you real estate career guidance so that you can come to know about various aspects of real estate career fascinating hill stations. beaches, wildlife and many historical places to attract anyone from across the world.

So, India travel and tourism industry gives many opportunities to the people who want to pursue career in travel and tourism by providing so many travel and tourism career options. Many companies like Thomas Cook, SOTC, Coz and Kings, Indian Airlines, Emirates, British Airways, RCI, etc provides promising career opportunities in Travel and Tourism Industry. Seeing the emerging and growing status of Travel and tourism industry in India career in travel and tourism has a bright future and will definitely provide travel and tourism jobs to the seeking people.

The tourism departments comprise of the counter staff, marketing staff, tour guides, tour planners, reservation staff etc. A career in travel and tourism industry is lucrative because hotel industries also open wide doors for the candidates pursuing travel and tourism career. Indiaedumart will provide you with relevant information regarding travel and tourism career guidance and travel and tourism education.

Travel and tourism career schools and colleges

Various universities in India have Travel and tourism career schools and colleges regarding Travel and Tourism careers. There are quite a good number of institutes in India that offer courses in travel and tourism. University of Delhi, New Delhi, Indian Institute of Tourism and Travel Management, New Delhi, Kurukshetra University, Haryana, IATA/UFTAA 4-level career development program, University of Poona, Nashik, University of Mumbai, Himachal University, Shimla etc.