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With advent and ample development of information technology and internet, the career in freelance writing is now well-facilitated, highly progressive, and quite lucrative. Literary Content is always in high demand in all concerned fields of professional, commercial, industrial, media, and service sectors. Websites are now increasingly being common to entities in almost all economic fields for informational, promotional, commercial, and other purposes.

Striking and highly and deeply impressive web contents or printed and published contents, are essential and ultimate means and tools for enticing, capturing, and retaining customers, readers, or clients, in the concerned field. Thus, on the whole, careers in freelance writing are evergreen, high-paying, constantly progressive, and greatly creative, in most of the countries of the world, essentially including India.

Freelance Writing is writing literary contents, articles, or blog posts, etc., for one or more companies at any given point of time. The matter and nature of these contents can cover a variety of subjects or fields, depending upon the knowledge and experience of the freelance writer. He / She may also get specialization in one or more fields offered in the section below. The freelance writing jobs are rated, appreciated, and paid according to the type and nature of the matter or topic, informational wealth, quality and way of literary presentation, overall usefulness, originality, and uniqueness. Thus, freelance writers with rich and varied subject knowledge, original writing expertise, discerning attitudes, refined presentation, and imaginative and innovative sense and skills, are certain to get copious well-paying freelance writing jobs in any fast progressive country like India. The section below, gives substantial and precious information about diverse freelance writing careers and abundant freelance writing jobs in india exclusively.

Freelance Writing Careers Jobs Courses in India

Rich and lavish freelance writing jobs are available in the sectors of professions, business and commerce, service, print media, advertising and promotion, BPO, and online marketing. Firms, institutions, companies, and organizations in these sectors inevitably require literary contents for a variety of purposes mentioned above. As per their interest and preference, the freelance writers can choose any one or more of the following areas or fields:

  • Content Writer for Websites
  • Freelance Content Writer for Companies
  • Freelance Copywriter
  • Freelance Essay Writer and Reviewer
  • Freelance Article Writer or Blogger
  • Freelance Writer for Publication Houses
  • Freelance Travel Writer
  • Freelance Technical Writer
  • Freelance Creative Writer
  • Freelance Translator/Proofreader/Copyeditor
  • Freelance Medical Writing
  • Freelance Article/Column Writer for Print Media and Newspapers

In addition to above-specified employment avenues, some websites or organizations also offer work to talented and experienced freelance writers with lavish remunerations. Information about such websites can readily be found on internet using Google. Some of such widely prominent websites are - Freelancer;; oDesk; ELance (or eLance); Helium: Craigslist;; Squidoo; ArticleMe; Constant-Content; Online Writing Jobs; Media Bistro; Freelance Venue;;;;; and many other websites.

For freelance writing in English, the degree of B.A or M.A in English is highly suitable and appreciable. Additional qualification in Mass Communication or Journalism, along with any of these degrees is certainly greatly desired and profitable. Again, candidates with graduation or post-graduation degree in any stream, with Diploma or Bachelor's or Master's degree in mass communication or journalism, are also amply suitable for content writing or freelance writing. Today, a large number of universities, open universities, and open and distance learning institutes of India offer courses in mass communication / journalism at diploma, graduate, and post-graduate levels. One of these institutions is the Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU), New Delhi, for mass communication/journalism or freelance writing courses in india.