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Career in IT-ITES Sector

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India's information technology enabled services (ITES) sector has been rising at a stable 30 per cent rate over the past few years. With India confidently establishing her identity on the world map as a knowledge hub, partners in trade have started realizing that India's potential goes beyond a destination to merely lower their costs.

IT-ITES Sector in India has demonstrated that its strength lies in delivery expertise in addition to cost efficiencies, which is now driving their diversification and growth into newer markets. IT-ITES industry in India - As per current data IT and ITES sector in India, yearly grows at the rate of about 25% and sustains almost 2 million jobs. Career in IT-ITES Sector is its flagship economy builder and every single rupee spent by IT-ITES sector accounts for two rupees in Indian economy.

The Information Technology

Information Technology Enabled Services sector is speedy changing overall Indian business standards. In addition, every job formed in IT-ITES sector accounts for creation of four jobs in rest of the economy. That is very huge jump by Indian economy. Career in IT-ITES sectors include companies from consultancies, software development, BPO, software management and online services.

These are greatest growing industries and are favorites among the new graduates and students. Job opportunities in IT-ITES Sector are very beneficial and one can attain high success in this versatile and vast field.

Jobs in IT-ITES Sector in India

In India here is very bright scope for IT-ITES industry as it is strongest industry area in India. Today the exports for the IT-ITES sectors are rising with increasing rate and the overall worldwide market is very healthy. If one wants to know what the possibility in IT-ITES sector is, just have a look at the quarter end financial results of the IT-ITES sector. Today the jobs in IT-ITES Sector in India are huge. More and more colleges and courses are offered to meet the manpower requirements of the industry. Because of this, maximum students in India are selecting for a career in IT-ITES Sector.