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Career in paintings art is very booming field at present time. It is survives as a creative custom for more than thousand years. Be they cave painting of Lascaux to the grand or masterpieces of Da Vinci; paintings have forever attract the human beings.

Wall painting and mural painting launched the theory of painting to established societies and due to this came several styles of painting. Allegorical, historical, religious, landscape and portraiture are all diverse forms of painting and all of them have developed over the years. Thus, painting has seen plenty of changes over the years and the only visible similarity among all is some type of coloring on a facade. Paintings art career is one of the most excellent career choices for those who have some potential for it.

Paintings art industry in India

A career in paintings is gradually becoming a good choice in India as the prices of paintings done by Indian artists have soared a lot in recent years in the worldwide market.

And even in India, ample of people have started appreciating the works of art, thus increasing the commercial value of art works. Painting and art profession is powerful and creative opportunity, and services for creation. Various type of Jobs in paintings art find in India.

Jobs in paintings art in India

With increasing scope of painting and art industry, many art industries and companies require skilled artists and painters. So job opportunities in paintings art are very wide. Some of the renowned jobs in paintings art in India are- Jain Art industry, Art Collection Jaipur, Harish Kutir Udyog Jaipur, Fab Design, S. S. Manners, Bion Creations and Net Well