Career in Real Estate

Real estate industry is one of the most fast flourishing and dynamic sectors in India. This sector has witnessed several new developments in India. Activities in real estate business include various categories such as development, appraising and selling of buildings. Real estate brokers and agents have prominent employment growth in India because of increasing housing needs.

Career in real estate is very much in demand because the demand of housing needs never stop. Real estate career options cover various areas such as residential brokerage, commercial brokerage, industrial and office brokerage, property management, land development, real estate appraising, urban planning, real estate counseling and real estate research. On this page Indiaedumart is giving you real estate career guidance so that you can come to know about various aspects of real estate career.

Real Estate Job Opportunities

Numerous jobs are available in related services to real estate career such as landscaping, electrical installations and plumbing. Job opportunities in real estate development can be obtained in the commercial banks, insurance companies, saving associations, consulting firms, mortgage bankers, property management firms, real estate developers and residential and industrial brokerage offices. To get good jobs in real estate development, the candidate should have good academic background. The candidate with professional diploma or degree in real estate field, good interpersonal and communication skills is preferred by the employers.