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Accounting courses provide a wide range of job opportunities. Accounting jobs exist in all commercial and manufacturing establishments across industries. All companies in the secondary and tertiary sectors have dedicated accounting divisions.

The accounting department not only plan the financial resources and expenses of a company but also lay out annual financial reports to know about the company’s progress and to discuss where the company lags behind. Degrees in accounting are awarded by universities through affiliated and member colleges. These degrees in accountancy are awarded at both undergraduate and post graduate levels.

Though specialized accounting jobs are offered to post graduates, accounting graduates get job openings as assistants, book keepers, or tellers. Courses in financial accounting can be of graduation level which takes 3 years to complete or it can be a master’s degree program that takes 2 years. Some other accounting diplomas are also there. Shri Ram College of Commerce, University of Delhi; St. Xavier’s College; Goenka College of Commerce and Business Administration are the best accounting colleges in India courses that can cater to the needs of various industries and provide employment opportunities to the youth.

There are a lot of career training courses which can help a person to develop valuable skills and knowledge. These in turn help the person to earn more money. The courses are designed for people who do not have much knowledge on a particular subject. They assist a person to develop to his or her full potential. Accountancy graduates are employed as accounts executives, credit executives, investor relationship executive, finance executive, or customer relation executives. Higher degree holders are offered job openings as finance managers, accounts manager, credit control managers, treasury managers, or foreign exchange managers. Professionally qualified candidates like cost or chartered accountants are employed as taxation managers, auditors, general managers, and vice presidents.

Accounting scope in India and outside India

Outside India professionally qualified accounting graduates are offered placements as portfolio accountant, real estate accountant, accounting manager, legal entry controller, credit securitized product controller, and commodities controller. Jobs in accounting exist in all large scale and medium scale concerns.