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Commercial fine art is the branch of arts where various art forms and techniques are used for commercial purposes. This includes illustrations, paintings, sculptures, murals, designing, photography, graphic designing, animation and many other techniques of art.

The art world has received great appreciation and popularity since the ancient times as it is a traditional form of expressing your feelings or conveying your message. With the help of art and marketing strategies, an individual can work in the different areas of commercial arts. Fine art professionals work with media and advertising companies. It is a lucrative field of study where there is no limit to money you can earn. The more experience you gain in this field, the more will be salary package offered to you as the demand for commercial fine art professionals is increasing in the industry.

Prominent Commercial Fine Arts

Commercial fine art artists focus on creating pieces of artwork for a business client. There are many commercial fine arts courses offered by universities and well known educational institutes.

Scope after Commercial Fine Arts

Commercial fin arts students can pursue a career in designing, advertising and art studios. Choosing commercial arts as a career option can be very lucrative and enriching but before you decide anything. It is important to make sure that you have a keen interest in arts. Also, you need to have a keen sense of observation, marketing skills and perseverance so that you can stand hold in the industry. Every commercial artist is supposed to be original, creative, pragmatic and posses good selling skills. If arts was your high school stream, commercial fine arts is an ideal course you can enroll in as this will channelize the creativity within you, giving an edge to your career.

Some of the prominent ones are listed below :

  • B.F.A. Commercial Arts
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Commercial Art
  • Bachelor's degree course in Commercial Arts- 4-5 years
  • Diploma course in commercial fine arts- 2-3 years.

Institutes and universities offering commercial arts courses are :

  • University of Delhi
  • Jamia Milia Islamia
  • Faculty of fine arts Banaras Hindu University
  • Rajasthan School of Arts, Jaipur
  • Indian Art academy
  • College of Arts, Delhi
  • Amity School of Fine Arts - Noida, Uttar Pradesh
  • College of Fine Arts - Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala
  • University College of Fine Arts, Davanagere, Karnataka
  • Ideal Fine Art Visual Arts College, Gulbarga, Karnataka
  • Srujanakala Fine Arts College, Dharwad, Karnataka