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Indian language courses have become a popular choice not only among Indians but there are many students abroad enrolling for indian language courses at universities and colleges. Language courses help remove communication bar among people, making it easier to communicate.

These courses are traditional and can be found in almost every country. Learning an Indian language is not doubt a bit difficult, but once you have enrolled in any college or academy that teaches Indian languages, you soon become proficient at writing and understanding Indian languages, indian languages courses are classified under various categories. Some of the most popular and widely known Indian languages are Hindi, Gujarati, Bengali, Assamese, Malayalam, Kashmiri, Urdu, Kannada, Punjabi, Tamil, Sindhi, Sanskrit, Nepali, Oriya Marathi and so on.

Prominent Indian language courses

Indian languages belong to several religions and cultures. The principal language of the India is Hindi whereas the secondary language is English. Despite of the fact that are many foreign language courses offered by academies and colleges that have great career scope in future, more and more students are getting attracted towards learning Indian language courses. These courses are offered at both graduate and postgraduate levels.

Scope After Indian Language Courses

Educational courses have always helped in building a strong foundation of a student's career. If you think your kid is not good at studies and mainly in streams like commerce, science or arts, it is not the matter of getting depressed but it is about thinking, what else can you child do for a bright career ahead. Today, with the advancement in technology, the education sector has greatly improved and developed in the past few years. Indian language courses have been introduced for students who wish to pursue them as their main qualification or for those who just want to do such courses a part of vocational education. These courses have gained extreme importance in the recent years because of the highly rewarding career scope after Indian language courses.

Some of the prominent Indian language courses are :

  • Basic level courses
  • Intermediate level courses
  • High intermediate level courses
  • Advance level courses

Colleges offering these courses are :

  • Hindi Guru, Hindi language institute, new delhi
  • Indian language school, Lagos- Nigeria
  • English language teaching institute of symbiosis (ELTIS)
  • Ministry of human resource development, Department of higher education
  • American institute of Indian studies
  • Delhi university
  • School of Indian Languages, Kannur University