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Fishery science courses are a wonderful degree courses for students, interested in science and environmental protection. Fishery science is an interesting field of study and many universities and colleges today offer courses in the same. Fishery management is the one popular course that students commonly choose to study.

What matters the most is from where you obtain your degree because f you choose the right college or university to obtain a degree in fishery science, only then you can get sufficient knowledge in this field which is very important for a good career success. After the completion of the fishery science course, you can become a fisheries biologist, biologist supervisors and fishery manager.

Fishery science may be new to some of the Indian students but this course is commonly obtained by students abroad but with time and development in education in india, courses like fishery science are getting great importance and popularity in india too. There are a variety of jobs in this field and after a little research; you can definitely find the best suited designation depending upon your abilities and talent.

Scope after fishery science courses

Acquiring a degree or diploma in fishery science is an excellent way to enhance your chances for a wonderful career ahead. There is a great scope after fishery science courses but only if you choose the right University and college and learn all the skills required to become a professional fishery manager, biologist supervisors and fisheries biologist.

Prominent Fishery Science Courses

Fishery science courses are increasingly becoming popular in india. Today, india is prominently known for its wide collection of courses both part time and fulltime. Depending upon your budget and availability, you can choose the best colleges and universities to study prominent fishery science courses in india.

Some of the well known colleges that provide study in prominent fishery science courses are :

  • The Central Institute of Fisheries Education (CIFE), Mumbai branches at Kolkata, Rohtak, Kakkinada and many other cities
  • College of Fisheries, Panangad, Ernakulam
  • Department of Aquatic Biology and Fisheries, University of Kerala
  • Cochin University of Science and Technology Kochi
  • School of Applied Life Sciences, Pathanamthitta, under Mahatma Gandhi University
  • G.B pant university of agriculture and technology
  • College of fisheries, Ratnagiri