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Condensed Matter Physics Courses

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Condensed Matter Physics deals with the physical properties of condensed phases of matter. These properties appear when the number of atoms at the superamolecular and macromolecular scale interact strongly with each other or are highly concentrated n a system. Condensed Matter Physics Courses can take you a to a prosperous career fields but it is a field people in india aren't aware of.

Condensed Matter Physics Courses are new to Indian students but the demand of these courses is rising with the awareness of the successful career in this field. In india, Condensed Matter Physics Courses are termed as solid state physics which deals with the structure and properties of solid objects. If you are have always scored well in physics and have planned to pursuer your higher education in physics, then considering this course can do wonders for your career. Though, there are limited number of colleges and universities offering this course, but all those offering have highly qualified and skilled professors to teach you the right way.

Scope After Condensed Matter Physics Courses

Condensed Matter Physics Courses have gained great popularity in the past few years. Though, this course was not known to many but with the rising awareness and interest in physics among the students, the importance and lucrative benefits of choosing Condensed Matter Physics Courses also came into being. Condensed Matter Physics deals with the solids and liquids while solid state physics refer to solid objects. In general, the studies in Condensed Matter Physics involve lessons in superconductivity, crystallography, ferromagnetism, super fluids and super solids. There is enriching and lucrative scope after Condensed Matter Physics courses. Once you have obtained a degree in this subject, you are eligible to apply in metallurgical sector, electronic industry, computer chipset manufacturing facilities and glass industry.

The prominent Condensed Matter Physics Courses are :

  • DPhil in Condensed Matter Physics
  • MSc in Condensed Matter Physics- 2 years
  • Thermodynamics & Condensed Matter Physics
  • Phd in Condensed Matter Physics
  • Research in Condensed Matter Physics
  • Research in crystal growth, X-Ray and Nanoscience

Colleges and universities offering Condensed Matter Physics courses are :

  • NTNU- Norwegian University of Science and Technology
  • University of Oxford
  • The University of Chicago
  • Indian institute of science- Department of physics
  • Saha Institute of Nuclear Physics, kolkata
  • Anna university, Chennai
  • Jawaharlal Nehru University, Mehrauli road, New Delhi