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Telecommunication is a profession that has gained immense popularity among youngsters. It is an exciting branch of engineering that gives you an opportunity to earn name, fame and money at the same time. According to the industry experts, it is a field that needs no special training or high level degrees.

Though, there are different types of telecommunication courses provided these days by colleges and universities to help groom students personality giving their career an edge but at the same time, a student who wants to successful career in Telecommunication should posses good communication skills and talent to please the listener. The minimum eligibility criterion for getting admission in any college for obtaining a degree in this field is 10+2 with chemistry, mathematics and physics as their compulsory subjects in high school.

Prominent Telecommunication Courses

Telecommunication courses offer you an opportunity to make an exciting and well equipped career as a network system security specialist, telecommunication product manager, telecom software engineers, and NMS engineer. Career in this field can be highly rewarding and lucrative as far as salary and promotion is concerned. There are many colleges offering telecommunication courses specializing in a variety of departments.

Scope After Telecommunication Courses

Telecommunication is a interesting and lucrative professions not only for youngsters but it can offer various senior level opportunities to experienced men and women. Top multinational and both large scale as well as small scale companies require telecommunication professionals for various departments. Therefore, the job opportunities in this field are numerous.

Telecommunication courses basically teach about the field of cable television, navigation, mobile phones, computer networking and satellites. After obtaining a degree in Telecommunication, you will be able to find a lot of employment opportunities in companies like Nokia, Vodafone and Apple Technologies.

Here is a list of some of the prominent Telecommunication courses :

  • B.Sc in Telecommunication Engineering
  • M.Sc in Telecommunication Engineering
  • M.Tech in telecommunication engineering
  • Beginners program in telecommunication courses
  • Diploma in Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Management (P.GDM)- 2 years full time PG Program

Colleges and institutes offering these courses are :

  • Teracom training institute
  • Ambedkar institute of technology
  • Dayanand sagar college of engineering
  • Army institute of technology, Maharashtra
  • BMS Institute Of Technology, Faridabad
  • MIT school of telecom management-pune, India
  • Faculty of engineering and technology, jadavpur university
  • Delhi technological university, earlier Delhi college of engineering
  • Bangalore Institute of Aeronautical Engineering and Information Technology, Bangalore