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Operation research courses are among the widely chosen fields of study in abroad but are rapidly attracting Indian students. Students in india are choosing operation research as the primary field of study for their career. This discipline deals with the application of advanced analytical methods to allow make better decisions.

Operation research is often regarded as sub fields of mathematics whereas the terms like management science and decision science are sometimes used as an alternative to operation research. Though, there is a large scale scope in abroad after completing operation research study but India too has emerged as one of the most promising countries in providing the best placements in operation research industry. The operation research courses are proposed at post graduate level.

Therefore, students with analytical minds and strong mathematical skills can enroll in for this course as mathematical skills are the basic and starting steps in the operation research course study. Some of the well known universities and academies that provide courses and degree programs in operation research are listed below :

  • Indian statistical institute, Kolkata
  • Indian institute of technology, Mumbai
  • Annamalai university, Tamil nadu
  • Gandhigram rural university, Tamil nadu
  • Stanford management science and engineering
  • Georgia institute of technology
  • Colorado school of mines
  • University of Delhi
  • University of Liverpool
  • University of Alabama-Huntsville
  • Capella university
  • University of Scranton

Scope after operation research courses

Operation research career has proved to be very fruitful for every aspiring student qualifying a degree in operation research courses. Such profession involves not as much work as the other careers but the professionals of operation research are frequently involved in the top levels of companies making strategic decisions and allocating resources properly.

The hard work required in the operation research field is comparatively higher than the other professions because the working conditions for operations analysts typically involves overtime because they have to meet the deadlines of the work provided to them. They frequently work for average 40 hours a week. Most of their time is spent in office, working on high priority projects that can be stressful at time but the salary package is relatively very high which is more than enough for a luxury living.