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Molecular Biology Courses

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Molecular biology is a new field of science that is not prominently known and popular among the students. The industry has gained immense popularity in the recent years due to which the demand of the professionals in this industry has increased.

With the increase in demand of professionals, many colleges and universities have introduced the molecular biology courses for students at both graduate as well as post-graduate. In general, molecular biology is a branch of science which features that study of biology at molecular levels. Becoming molecular biologists is no more difficult and time taking in the present scenario, the excellent staff and professors in the top colleges and science institutes are working really hard to build a strong foundation among students so that they can stand hold in this industry.

The responsibility of a molecular biologist is to study the structure of cells, viruses and bacteria at the most basic levels. They also find out and discover how these tiny molecules case diseases. Molecular biology courses are considered to be very respected and rewarding courses for students who have a keen interest in science and which to make molecular biology as their career profession to help diagnose each and every disease caused by the tiny molecules. At the same time, it is a very interesting field and offers lucrative opportunities after the completion of molecular biology courses.

Scope After Molecular Biology Courses

Molecular biology is not only an interesting and exciting career options for all those who want to make a career as a molecular biologist and want to study the molecules like viruses, bacteria etc at basic and advanced levels, discovering how they cause diseases but at the same time, it is one of the most rewarding and lucrative fields of study. This satisfying career can offer you an average salary of around INR 20,000- 30,000 at entry level and will be increased further as per your experience and qualification.

The prominent molecular biology courses are :

  • Research in Molecular Biology with stress on Signal Transduction, Nuclear Pores and Lamins, Enzyme Structure Function, Host-Guest Interactions in Plants, and Transcription
  • MSc in molecular biology
  • BSc in molecular biology
  • BA In molecular biology
  • BE in molecular biology
  • PhD in molecular biology

Colleges offering these courses are :

  • Indian Institute of Chemical Biology, Kolkata
  • Bose Institute, Kolkata
  • University of pune, Pune
  • St. Xavier's college, Kolkata
  • Bits, Hyderabad
  • Osmania university, Hyderabad
  • Institute of bioinformatics and applied biotechnology, Bangalore