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Medical transcription courses have earned a healthy growth and demand in India as it was earlier not as popular as today. There are many colleges and universities offering medical transcription courses that teach students to work in medical transcription industry as transcriptionist, editor, proofer, super-proofer, super proofer/QA2, supervisors, account heads, QA managers, production managers etc.

If you are interested to make a career as any of these professionals, it is important for you to enroll in for a course in medical transcription that specializes in different departments. Graduation is the minimum requirement as per qualification. Many industry experts have motivated students to enroll in this course as it is one of the highly rewarding and enriching fields of study. Medical transcription is an allied health profession that deals in the process of transcription, or converting voice-recorded reports as dictated by physicians and other healthcare professionals, into text formats.

Prominent Medical Transcription Courses

As far as colleges are concerned, today, the numbers of colleges providing medical transcription courses have increased. There are varieties of courses in this field to serve students at both graduate as well as post graduate levels. In fact, short terms certificate programs in medical transcription are also offered by few universities and colleges.

Scope After Medical Transcription Courses

A student at beginners in medical transcription can earn around INR. 10,000 to INR. 20,000 every month whereas n experienced may earn above INR. 30,000 every month and the range may go far behind your expectations if you are passionate enough have the right skills and talent to offer your services to the industry. Apart from the basic salary, there are other bonuses, incentives and perks offered to the best associated professionals in the industry. So, if you are planning to make a career in medical transcription courses, no doubt, you are seeking a highly rewarding and lucrative career opportunity.

The prominent medical transcription courses are :

  • Certificate courses in Medical Transcription
  • Diploma in medical transcription
  • Internship program in medical transcription
  • Post-graduate degree in medical transcription
  • Beginners course in medical transcription

Colleges and institutes offering these courses are :

  • University of Mumbai
  • Focus Infosys in Bangalore
  • Delta school of medical transcription in solan
  • K.G information systems Pvt. Ltd in Coimbatore
  • Baja institute of information technology in new Delhi
  • MDS InfoTech Ltd in new Delhi
  • Indian institute of medical transcription in new Delhi
  • Saral software solutions in Ahmedabad in Gujarat