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Photography is not only a popular hobby for many but it can also become a career option for you if you want to step into the world of glamour and modeling world.

There are plenty of flight schools that offer a large range of aviation courses for the students interested to make careers in this industry. Though, there are no restrictions and eligibility criteria to take flying lessons but according to the rules of many aviation schools, the minimum age to get your private pilot license is 17 years. At this age, when you get your private pilot's license, you can take flight lessons. Career in pilot is one of the most rewarding and profitable careers. So, if you love flying and have always dreamt to be a part of aviation industry, then do not forget t consider pilot training courses just after you pass your schooling.

Prominent pilot training courses

Becoming a pilot is a dream of many students often from the young age. Career in pilot seems to be very exciting and easy but it takes lot more than what you actually think. Becoming a pilot can make you a millionaire in just a few years but there are many hurdles coming your way before you can get in cockpit of a commercial aircraft.

Whether, you are a school leaver or a graduate, there are many prominent pilot training courses available at pilot training academies and colleges. Some of the prominent pilot training courses are :
  • Integrated airline pilot course
  • Modular airline pilot programme
  • BSc degree in airline transport
  • Aviation English for pilots
  • The private pilot license
  • Airline cadetships

Scope after Pilot Training Courses

A career as a pilot is rewarding and exciting. If you have always had a passion to fly high and get into the aviation industry but not as a part of the cabin crew or ground staff faculty, then pilot training courses can be one of the most ideal options for you career wise. There is a great scope after pilot training courses. No doubt, you will definitely have to prove yourself at the initial stage but at the end of the day, you will definitely receive great appreciation and importance in terms of salary hike and reputation.

Colleges for Pilot Training Courses :

  • Academy of Carver Aviation Pvt. Ltd.
  • Andhra PRadesh Flying Club
  • Assam Flying Club
  • AeronautX Flight Training
  • Bangalore Aeronautics Technical Services
  • Bihar Flying Institute
  • Chimes Aviation Academy
  • Coimbatore Flying Club
  • Career Aviation
  • Chimes Aviation Academy (CAA)
  • Faculty of Flight Safety Services
  • Flying Club, Civil Aerodrome
  • Flytech Aviation Academy
  • Government Aviation Training Institute
  • Government Flying Training School
  • Gujarat Flying Club
  • Indira Gandhi Rashtriya Uran Akademi
  • Jamshedpur Co-operative Flying Club Ltd.
  • Ludhiana Aviation Club
  • Nagpur Flying Club
  • Orient Flight School
  • Sahara India Aviation Academy
  • The Bombay Flying Club
  • Udan Flying School
  • West Bengal Flying Training Institute