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Nano Technology is an advanced study of miniatures and a rapidly rising fields of study. Nanotechnology courses have emerged as one of the most popular and useful types of courses in india and abroad because this field offers lucrative career options and enriching job opportunities once you have obtained a degree in nano technology courses.

It is basically the study of nano materials in which the performance, design and integration of these materials is discovered. Career opportunities as a nanotechnologist are prevalent in the areas of research and design, industry and academia. Some of the other career areas where you can apply are biomedical, pharmaceutical, electronics, optoelectronics and cosmetic agents. In simple words, nano technology courses can be defined as the application or branch of science, engineering and technology to develop novel materials and devices in different fields in the nano-range.

Prominent Nanotechnology Courses : Nanotechnology courses have gained immense popularity in the recent years. These courses are designed or students who see their careers as a nanotechnologist in areas of research, and design. There are many colleges offering nanotechnology courses for graduate and post graduate students.

Scope After Nanotechnology Courses : Nanotechnology courses offer you a great opportunity to work as a nanotechnologist who has a great respect and is an important part of the industry.

Nanotechnology is a respected and well known profession that can bring you name, fame and money. To become a nanotechnologist, it is important for you to obtain a degree in nanotechnology courses so that you are well trained and have the desired knowledge. The work fields in which students can apply in are: health industry, agriculture, environment industry, food and beverages, space research, product development and advising, genetics, bio-technology, forensic science industries, communication and media.

The prominent nanotechnology courses are :

  • Certificate Course in Nanotechnology
  • Diploma in Nanotechnology
  • M.S. Nanoscience and Nanotechnology
  • M.Sc. Nanobiotechnology
  • M.Tech. Health Care Nanotechnology (Integrated)
  • M.Tech. Nanomedical Sciences
  • M.Tech. Science and Technology
  • Ph.D. Nanoscience and Technology
  • Ph.D. Nanotechnology

Colleges and universities offering these courses are :

  • National institute of technology, Kurukshetra
  • SRM university, Tamil Nadu
  • University of madras
  • Integral University, Lucknow (Uttar Pradesh)
  • Indian Institute of Science : Center of Excellence in Nanoelectronics (C.E.N.), Bangalore (Karnataka)
  • Central University of Jharkhand, Ranchi (Jharkhand)
  • International Institute of Information Technology : School of Interdisciplinary Science and Technology, Pune (Maharashtra)
  • Amity Institute of Nanotechnology (A.I.N.T.), Noida (Uttar Pradesh)