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Quantitative Economics Courses

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Quantitative economics is a specialty of its own within the field. It uses a range of complex mathematical and statistical procedures to analyze economic phenomena.

These techniques help economic analysts explain economic issues, as well as predict future economic conditions. They also lend quantitative, empirical support to economic theories, which are generally expressed in qualitative terms. Quantitative economics not only lends empirical support to economic theory, but also can forecast economic conditions, evaluate the impact of economic policies, examine the feasibility of government or business decisions, and analyze market conditions for business.

Prominent Quantitative Economics Courses

Quantitative Economics Courses are offered at post graduate level by some Indian institutes. They are:
  • M.S. in Quantitative Economics
  • Workshop on Applied Econometrics

Colleges for Quantitative Economics Courses

There are very few institutes in India which offer Quantitative courses. Some of them are listed below :
  • Indian Statistical Institute at Calcutta, Delhi, Banglore
  • Institute of Economic Growth, Delhi University Campus, New Delhi

Scope after Quantitative Economics Courses

Quantitative Economics is an advanced course in Economics and its applications with special emphasis on quantitative methods. On completion of the course students would be able to pursue an academic career in Economics or take up responsible positions in various private and public sector organizations.