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Dancing has been enjoyed by people of every age for centuries. It is one of the few types of activities that we are able to perform regardless of our age. For many people, dancing is a fun activity whereas it is a passion and hobby for some. If you believe dance is the best way to express yourself in front of the whole world, then, studying the art of dance can be ideal way to give a kick start o your professional career. A career as a dancer can be very lucrative and highly rewarding in the present scenario.

Taking dance course will teach you the history of this rhythmic art form and its demanding techniques, as well as show you how to teach it to others in a meaningful way. Once you have obtained a degree in dance courses, you can become a dance instructor and open up a dance studio after a good experience in the field. Dance instructor is one of the many job possibilities that can be chosen by anyone who find dancing as a hobby or passion.

Prominent Dance Courses

Dancing is a great way to get in shape and stay fit. Though, it is a fun activity that is commonly practised all over the world on special occasions and parties but dance courses have gained immense popularity in the past few years. There are many colleges and institutes offering dance courses to students who take it as a passion or want to make a career in the same.

Scope After Dance Courses

Dance is an age old tradition but in the present scenario, many people find it as a rewarding and lucrative career option. As far as career is concerned, there are a variety of career options available if you are interested in studying dancing. To become a professional dancer, instructor or choreographer, you need to work in hands-on capacity. A good sense of rhythm, music and movements is also an important part that is required to be understood. Making a career as an instructor, choreographer or dance therapist can be an ideal way to earn a handsome amount monthly and earn both name and fame.

The prominent dance courses are :

  • Diploma in dance courses- 1.5 years
  • Short term dance courses
  • Bachelors degree course in dance
  • Post graduation course in dancing

Colleges and universities imparting education in dancing are :

  • Kala sadhanalaya
  • Kala sampurna
  • Kalakshetra
  • Kerala kalamandalam
  • Natya dance theatre
  • Mamata Shankar ballet troupe
  • Terence lewis academy (TLA)
  • Manipur university, Imphal
  • Academy of modern dance, Chennai