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Food technology courses are rapidly becoming a popular choice among students who wish to make their career in health sectors. Food technology is primarily a study of production, storage, preservation, canning, packaging and distribution of food products. The study of food technology covers all the areas of food processing including the different types of foods like fish, egg, milk, fruits, vegetables, cereals and spices. Qualifying food technology courses allow you to become a food technologist which is one of the aspiring fields of career in India and abroad.

So, if you have still not planned which careers to choose and you are just on the stage of schooling, it is important that you consider the food technology career and look forward to become a food technologist because no doubt, once you have completed and earned a degree in food technology courses, you are soon going to drive on a promising career option as many job opportunities will come your way and you can make a good earning in this field.

The primary job of a food technologist is to check and observe the raw materials. Maintain clean and hygienic conditions along with the quality of food. Additionally, they are supposed to examine the food, conduct checks at every interval for contamination and adulteration to finally certify the nutritional value of the food. The growing consumerism and a fast paced lifestyle has led to an increase in the demand of packed and processed food due to which the demand of food technologist is also increasing I every part of the world. There are many universities and colleges offering degree courses both short term and long term in food technology. Part time and full time option is also available for the students, they can continue to work if they are a working professional without quitting their job.

Scope after food technology courses

Food technology courses are provided by various educational institutes and top universities and colleges all over the world. There is a very promising scope after food technology courses according to many career experts and food technology professionals. The food technology industry has rapidly gained popularity and importance due to the increase in adulteration and bad quality food especially in India. Some of the prominent food technology courses that are being chosen by the student's are :

  • B.Sc. in Food and Nutrition
  • B.Sc. with Food Preservation
  • B.Tech. (Food Engineering)
  • B.Sc. Tech (after B.Sc.)
  • M.Sc. (Food Science)
  • M.Sc. Food Technology
  • M.Sc. (Food and Nutrition)