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Meteorology is the study of science of weather in which the responsibilities of a meteorologist include forecasting weather, researching weather phenomena and analyzing air pollution and global warming data. To become a professional Meteorology, a hands-on-training is a key ingredient and advanced degree in the same is necessary for any type of research work.

To learn about Meteorology, it requires an understanding and interest both in physical sciences and mathematics. To get started and become a part of this industry, a degree in meteorology courses will play an important role and help you hold you stand in this field. To become Meteorology, it is advised to take math, science and science as compulsory subjects in the senior secondary classes. In simple words, Meteorologists are scientists among which some appear as television personalities on popular channels broadcasted worldwide.

Prominent Meteorology Courses

Meteorology is a lucrative career option for all those who have always been keen to learn more about science and weather forecasts. Math and science are the two compulsory subjects in which you should be proficient before planning to kick off a career in Meteorology. Therefore, if you decided to pursue a career in Meteorology well in advance from your school days, make sure to choose math and science as your compulsory subjects. Today, there are plenty of colleges and universities offering meteorology courses abroad but India has also advanced a lot in the recent years in offering Meteorology courses. Many colleges and institutes have introduced the Meteorology courses at both graduate as well as post graduate levels.

Scope After Meteorology Courses

Meteorology courses have gained immense popularity in the past few years among Indian students. Due to rise in demand of meteorologists in India, the demand of meteorology courses have also increased. If you have a keen interest in becoming one of the best known meteorologists and learn more about the weather and atmospheric philosophies, then a degree in meteorology will be a lucrative and ideal choice for you to give a kick start to your career.

Here is a list of some of the prominent Meteorology courses :

  • Bachelor Science in Meteorology and Oceanography
  • Master of Science in Atmospheric and Ocean Sciences
  • Master of science in meteorology
  • Doctor of philosophy
  • Diploma in meteorology
  • B.A (Hons) in atmospheric science
  • Honours climatology
  • Ph.D in atmospheric science

Colleges offering these courses and programs are :

  • Shivaji university, Maharashtra
  • Indian institute of science, Bangalore
  • Andhra university, Andhra Pradesh
  • IIT kharagpur
  • University of western Australia
  • University of new south Wales