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Tea management is a not a newly introduced fields of study but it was not known to many people. It is a highly rewarding and lucrative profession that can give you tons of professional benefit. In general, Tea finds its origin in Asia but Britain is better known for its tea parties. Japan and china are also known for their herbal teas. Tea management courses are rapidly becoming popular among students who want to make a career as a tea producer, marketing executive and manger.

There are plenty of positions available in this industry that can be applied for according to your interest and educational qualification. Colleges and institutes offering tea management courses teach students in the business of tea production. Plantation, estates, finances, agricultural needs, labor management, storage and marketing are some of the platforms in this field in which you can stand out bright.

Prominent Tea Management Courses

Tea management courses are offered by number of institutes among which most of the courses are short in duration but the eligibility criteria is graduation at least. These institutes train about tea producing to processing, finance, marketing, and sales where tea pasting is also an intrinsic part of the field.

Scope After Tea Management Courses

The demand for tea in india is much higher when compared to other parts of the world because the tea consumption among india is considered higher. There are a variety of tea management courses introduced by colleges and institutes in india that can help you build a strong foundation in this field. This interesting and lucrative course will give you an opportunity to work under departments like sales, marketing, production house and many more. The average salary of an entry level employee in this industry is around Rs. 15,000 per month whereas a senior profile may earn up to Rs. 50,000-Rs. 80,000 per month.

Colleges offering these courses are :

  • University of north Bengal, west Bengal
  • Birla Institute of Futuristic Studies, kolkata
  • UPASI Tea Research Institute,, Tamil Nadu
  • Assam Darjeeling Tea Research Centre, Darjeeling
  • Dipras Institute of Professional Studies, kolkata
  • Indian Institute of Plantation Management, Bangalore
  • Assam Agricultural University, Assam

The prominent Tea management courses are :

  • (B.Sc & M.Sc) Agriculture in Tea Husbandry and Technology-
  • Professional Certificate Programme on Tea Tasting and Marketing (PCP-TTM)- 45 days
  • Professional Certificate Programme on Tea Estate Managment(PCP-TEM)- 30 days
  • Certificate course in Tea Management- 1 year
  • Tea tasting course- 2 months
  • Graduate Diploma in Tea (PGDT)- 9 months
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Tea Management (PGDTM)- 1 year