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Stock Broker Courses

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Stock broker courses have gained immense popularity in the past few years. It is a high profile career which offers great financial rewards along with a reputed position, name and fame in the industry. A stock broker should be well qualified as he is responsible to deal in various kinds of stocks and securities on behalf of a particular investor.

In simple words, a stock broker is a stock investment service provider. They work for corporate clients or individuals. Additionally, they can also handle as many clients as possible depending upon the nature of work they do and their capabilities. When it comes to pay scale, there is no limit to it. A stock broker can earn as much as he wants to primarily depending upon how many clients he/she can handle. The stock broker courses increase your probabilities to become a professional. A stockbroker should have a thorough knowledge of economics, accounting, finance and a range of other topics to maximize their effectiveness. Today, there are many colleges and institutions offering stock trading course.

Scope after Stock Broker Courses

To become a professional stock broker, one must have a good hold over knowledge along wit a strong educational background either in commerce, economics, finance or business administration. The minimum educational qualifgication required to get admission in a stock broking course is graduation. So, make sure to complete your graduation if you want to make a career as a stock broker and obtain post graduation degrees in the same field. Prospects for the stock brokers who are qualified enough to handle and scope with clients are bright according to the industry experts.

Some of the prominent stock broker courses are :

  • Certificate course in stock broking
  • Chartered financial analyst equity research
  • Diploma in financial and investment planning
  • Chartered Financial Analyst Equity Research
  • Fundamentals of Capital Market Development
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Capital Market and Financial Services

Colleges and universities offering stock broker courses are listed below :

  • Institute of Company Securities Of India, New Delhi
  • Indian Institute of Capital Market development, New Delhi
  • All India Center for Capital Market Studies
  • JDC Institute of management studies
  • Mumbai stock exchange training institute
  • Institute of Financial and Investment Planning, Mumbai
  • The Orion Institute of Capital Market, new delhi
  • The UTI Institute of Capital Market, Mumbai