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Genetics is a study of how living beings receive common traits from their ancestors. These traits are mainly described by the genetic information carried over by a molecule DNA. Every living being on earth has DNA in its cells. The genetics courses comprises of the study of how DNA is passed down from one generation to another.

These courses have gained wide popularity and importance in the recent years and have now become a prominent choice of students all over the world. there are many schools and institutes offering genetics courses of different types but before you plan to get started with the admission procedure in any of the top schools or university, it is important for you to know that genetics is rare as an undergraduate major but there are some schools that offer a major in molecular biology which is much similar.

Science and technology creates curiosity in everyone. Similarly, genetics course are among those popular courses that help you know about the human history, nature and evolution which in itself is one of the most interesting things anyone would love to know. Therefore, before you plan your career ahead in genetics courses, make sure to build a solid foundation in chemistry, biology and biochemistry.

Prominent Genetics Courses

A career in genetics is highly rewarding if have obtained a degree in genetics courses from a reputed college or university. Today, there is a large variety of courses available across the world for students and according to the experts, it is very important to get started with a field that interests you so that you can work passionately and dedicatedly. So, if genetics courses are the type of course that interests you, then enroll in for any of the following types of prominent genetics courses according to your eligibility :

  • Undergraduate studies in molecular genetics & microbiology
  • Graduate program in microbiology
  • Graduate program in cell and molecular biology
  • Graduate program in plant biology
  • Graduate program in ecology, evolution and behavior.

Scope After Genetics Courses

Genetics courses are increasingly gaining popularity among the Indian students as the scope after genetics courses is highly rewarding and excitingly good. Students who have always been keen to know the human history can enroll in these courses and make a prospering career in genetics. Students completing the genetics courses get job opportunities from government hospitals, research centers, and top medical centers across the world. a professional in this field can also become a medical geneticist or researcher, clinical geneticist or researcher, genetic counselor, genetics laboratory research assistant and genetics laboratory technician.