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A degree in Anthropology courses are offered at many colleges and universities. This is an interesting field of study and is attracting students from over the world.

Today, students wish to make careers in Anthropology courses as it is a highly rewarding career options. Anthropology is a diverse field f study that gives you an opportunity to learn more with several career options coming your way. From undergraduates to graduates, Anthropology courses are available for students of every type. The objective of this type of courses is to familiarize students with the fundamentals of physical anthropology and principles of organic evolution in relation to biology, ecology, and behavior of primates and fossil along with the living humans. The students become proficient in current evolutionary theory by the end of the completion of course.

There are many universities and colleges that specialize and offer training in Anthropology courses and some of the following are listed under :

Colleges for Anthropology Courses

  • Wells college
  • Visva bharati
  • Beloit college
  • Duke university
  • Haverford college
  • Andhra university
  • Guwahati university
  • University of delhi
  • University of Florida
  • University of Colorado
  • The university of texas at Austin
  • University of California, Los Angeles
  • Tulane university department of Anthropology

Prominent Anthropology courses

Anthropology courses can be done both in part time and full time. Students, already working can choose to major in Anthropology and become a well paid professional anthropologist. Anthropology is classified under physical and biology categories. Some of the different types of prominent Anthropology courses are :

  • Social Anthropology courses
  • Prehistoric anthropology courses
  • Applied anthropology courses
  • Linguistic anthropology courses

Scope after Anthropology courses

When it comes to career, everyone wants to get into a field that is much rewarding and safe from job prospects. As far as Anthropology courses are concerned, there is a great scope after Anthropology courses. Colleges and universities offer modules/short courses in anthropology, certificate courses in social anthropology, social science Bsc for undergraduates, and postgraduate courses in anthropology like :

  • Culture, Diaspora, Ethnicity (MA / Postgraduate Diploma / Postgraduate Certificate)
  • Development Studies and Social Anthropology (MSc / Postgraduate Diploma / Postgraduate Certificate)
  • Social Anthropology (Graduate Certificate)