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Criminal justice is the application or study of laws regarding criminal behavior. Those who study criminal justice include the police, those working in a judiciary capacity, and lawyers who either defend or prosecute those accused of a crime. Others work to advocate for changes in the current system of criminal justice, such as those who render decisions regarding current laws, like members of Supreme Courts.

It is important that the criminal justice system includes the word justice, since laws applied to those accused of a crime should be fair. Justice also refers not only to the fair trial accorded to the citizens of most countries, but also to the just retribution for victims of a crime, as for example, seeing an offender jailed. Criminal justice is always a goal.

All involved in the arrest, prosecution, defense or judgment of a suspect aim to prosecution, defense or judgment of a suspect aim to be fair. Criminal justice courses can be availed regular or one can go for online studies also. One can go for a bachelor’s degree in Criminal justice. Besides that, one can have master’s degree in this course also. The approaching students of online master’s degree criminal justice must have a bachelor degree on the subject. Training and certification for police officers often is merely called criminal justice. Lawyers with a special interest in either the prosecution or defense of suspected criminals may also choose to major in criminal justice in a four-year degree program. Knowledge of the laws, rights and privileges of victims and suspects is essential to aiming for justice in both the court and law enforcement systems.

Courses in Criminal justice

There are various criminal justice courses degrees, programs, certificates and diplomas that are being offered in this area. Below are mentioned some of the Criminal justice courses offered by some of the prestigious universities like university of phoenix.

List of Criminal justice courses

  • European Community Law
  • Organized Crime (CJA 300)
  • Introduction to Criminal Justice (CJA 320)
  • Criminology (CJA 330)
  • Criminal Procedure (CJA 350)
  • Interpersonal Communication (CJA 360)
  • Introduction to Policing (CJA 370)
  • Introduction to Corrections (CJA 390)
  • Juvenile Justice (CJA 400)
  • The Adversary System (POLI 414)
  • Criminal Justice Administration (CJA 450)
  • Managing Criminal Justice Personnel (CJA 470)
  • Futures of Criminal Justice (CJA 480)
  • Ethics in Criminal Justice (CJA 410)
  • Crime and Delinquency (SOCI 123)
  • Contemporary Issues in Criminal Justice (CJA 310)
  • Criminal Court Systems (CJA 380)
  • Cultural Diversity in Criminal Justice (CJA 420)
  • Research Methods in Criminal Justice (CJA 430)
  • Organizational Behavior and Management (CJA 440)